Dog eating sour cream benefits and effects.

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream

Aayusha Karki Sep 1, 2021

Some dog owners have a habit of offering everything they hold on their plates. However, a dog doesn’t know if the food will benefit them or not. So, being their guardian you must research properly about their food since many of it are very toxic for dog’s health. Sour cream is very popular while topping, […]


English Foxhound training process and strategies.

English Foxhound Training

Aayusha Karki Sep 2, 2021

English Foxhound is an intelligent and courageous breed that soak up training session easily with proper guidance. They are good companion for joggers and runners as they can run for several miles without break. These breeds need a strong trainer that gives them consistent training. With proper training, they follow every commands their owner gives. […]

Drever training methods and strategies.

Drever Dog Training

Aayusha Karki Aug 4, 2021

Drentsche Patrijshond training strategies and techniques.

Drentsche Patrijshond Training

Aayusha Karki Jul 31, 2021

Blue Lacy training methods.

Blue Lacy Training

Aayusha Karki Jul 29, 2021


A large dog wearing muzzle.

Select Muzzles for Dog Correctly – Things to Consider While Buying

DGM Jul 7, 2019

A muzzle is a guarding instrument that a dog owner uses to prevent their dog from biting people. It is used on the nose and mouth part of dogs and assures that the dog cannot bite and cause harm while they are muzzled. Do you have an aggressive dog that is prone to biting and […]


Small Bernese Hound breed information.


Small Bernese Hound

Aayusha Karki Oct 14, 2021
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German Pointeraner breed information.


German Pointeraner

Aayusha Karki Oct 9, 2021
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All about Spanish Pointer breed.


Spanish Pointer (Extinct)

Aayusha Karki Sep 17, 2021
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All about Pachon Navarro breed.


Pachón Navarro

Aayusha Karki Sep 14, 2021
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McNab Shepherd Dog breed


McNab Shepherd

Zina Aug 5, 2021
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Doberman Pinscher training method and strategies.


Doberman Pinscher Training

Aayusha Karki Jun 14, 2021
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