Ariege Pointer was originated in France by the hunters to hunt small game like hare and partridge. They are a medium-sized dog breed and is also considered as one of the national heritage. They have a strong and muscular physique with an elongated head and large, hanging ears.

Ariege Pointer which is also known as Braque de l’Ariege is an excellent hunter that s the best suited for someone who wants a hunting companion. They also do very well as a family companion if the members are active people that are involved in outdoor activities.

Temperament of the Ariege Pointer

The temperament of the Ariege Pointer is sweet, independent, loyal, and devoted. They are an independent dog that likes to do things on their own. But with the right training, they can be an obedient and devoted dog breed. They form a very close bond with their people and especially with one particular person of the family that they see as a leader.

As a hunting dog breed, the Ariege Pointer has a high hunting instinct. So, they should be kept in a fenced yard or on a leash. It cannot be trained out of them, so close supervision is necessary if there are small pets in the house. Ariege Pointer does not tolerate when being left alone, so there should always be humans or other pets to accompany them. Otherwise, they tend to face separation anxiety and become destructive.

Personality of the Ariege Pointer

The personality of the Ariege Pointer is smart, trainable, docile, friendly, and playful. They are smart and are quick at catching new commands and instruction. They are very active and energetic dog breeds that need regular exercise, so take them for walking hiking, or jogging regularly to meet their activities level.

Ariege Pointer playing ball
Ariege Pointer playing ball.
Image Source: Pinterest-@Chantel Erickson

Ariege Pointer is easy to train as long as you develop a firm and consistent leadership upon them from an early age. They tend to respond well to positive reinforcement so reward them with treats, praises and a gentle pat on the back. It will motivate them and encourage them to be focused on the training.

Is Ariege Pointer Child-Friendly?

Yes, Ariege Pointer is a child-friendly dog that gets along with children very well. They are playful with them which makes them excellent playmates for each other. Although they get along with each other, it is necessary to supervise their interaction with others to avoid any kind of accidents.

What Makes Ariege Pointer Aggressive?

Ariege Pointer is not an aggressive dog breed in general but is very gentle and loving towards their family. Although their aggression can be seen if they sense a threat to their family or if someone provokes them. However, they are not likely to bite.

How Does Ariege Pointer Behave Around Strangers?

Ariege Pointer is wary of strangers and they will bark at the sight of some unfamiliar person. They will warn their owners about the presence of an unknown person in the territory.

Therefore, they make a great watchdog that will look after its people and property. Although easily socialization with a variety of people is necessary for them to become warm and welcoming of guests in the house.

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