Braque Francais Pyrenean is well-mannered dogs, agile and protective of their family. However, like every other breed, these dogs should also be trained at an early age to be a wonderful companion in the family.

Here are all the information about the training methods and strategies to use while training a Braque Francais Pyrenean.

When and Where To Train a Braque Francais Pyrenean?

The right time you need to start training for Braque Francais Pyrenean is when they reach the right age of 8 weeks old. Before that, your furry friend is too young to understand any command.

Braque Francais Pyrenean Playing With Its Toy.

You can always start the training session at your home. As they say, home is the first school. You can use your space in your yard or inside your house. However, make sure to hide everything which may distract your dog’s attention while training. Such as, toys or treats.

How To Define Task For Braque Francais Pyrenean?

Defining task to Braque Francais Pyrenean can be easy for you. As these dogs are always trying to please their owners, they will happily perform your command just to make you happy.

Braque Francais Pyrenean Hunting. Image Source – Saint Montage.

But this doesn’t mean, they will master the command the moment you teach them. Use verbal commands and keep it simple until they aren’t mature. In addition, motivating and encouraging your Braque Francais Pyrenean while training can help both you and your pet.

Training Methods

There are various types of dog training methods to use with Braque Francais Pyrenean. However, these are some easy and effective training methods you can use for Braque Francais Pyrenean.

Alpha Dog or Dominance Training

In alpha dominance training, you need to teach your dog that you are the alpha of the house. Most importantly, alpha theory suggest that the dogs see their family as a pack. Therefore, your Braque Francais Pyrenean sees themselves as an alpha, however, they should be trained to respect their owner as an alpha.

This training requires ownership with your dog. Which means you have to take charge of the house and teach the things to your Braque Francais Pyrenean what they can and cannot do.

But, ownership doesn’t mean that you have to behave rudely to your pet. Instead, motivate and encourage them. Nevertheless, educate your Braque Francais Pyrenean the difference between dominance and submission.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement means training them by encouraging them towards the training. This method helps when your Braque Francais Pyrenean is not willing to perform any tasks.

This training works when it is followed by a treat or praise. This training should be consistent and remember not to praise or give them treat for their negative behavior.

Socialization Training

Socializing your Braque Francais Pyrenean is an essential part of owning them. These dogs are not really aggressive. Therefore, they should be taught that not every strangers are good.

Braque Francais Pyrenean should know the difference between good or bad. In addition, it also helps it create a strong bond between the family members as well as if there’s any other animals in the house.

Training Strategies

  • Avoid punishment while training Braque Francais Pyrenean. They are very sensitive dogs, they may get discouraged when you punish them.
  • Give them their own space. Your dog too needs his own bed and stuffs to call their own. Giving them their own space can help them secure and safe. In addition, they will know their territory and and remain calm and quiet on their own space.
  • Choosing the right reward can also be very helpful while training a Braque Francais Pyrenean. By treat doesn’t mean only food, you can also give them their favorite toys and encouragements or extra play time in the yard.

In conclusion, a trained dog is always a wonderful addition in the house. When you make up your mind to add a pet in your house, at the same time, you should also make up your mind that you will provide them all their essential needs and training as well.

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