Broholmer dogs are wonderful pets. They are most wonderful when they are trained. To make Broholmer a better companion you should train them from an early age.

Here is all the information about the training methods and strategies and techniques to apply while training a Broholmer.

When and Where To Start Training Your Broholmer?

Start training Broholmer when they reach the age of 8 weeks old. First, they should know what you expect from them. This will help them to meet the certain goals made for them.

Broholmer Playing Frisbee. Image Source – Instagram.

If you are confused about whether to send your Broholmer to puppy training classes or teach them at home, then, either way is perfect. You can start training some basics commands at home. Furthermore, when they reach the right age to have some advanced training, you can send them to puppy school.

How To Define Task To Broholmer?

Defining tasks can be a bit hard if you are a first time owner. While defining tasks to Broholmer you should be confident and have the leadership command in you. Otherwise, your Broholmer may try to dominate you.

Always define the task with simple commands followed by hand gestures. As soon as they complete the command, reward them with some treats or their favorite toys. In addition, keep the training session brief about 5-10 minutes a day.

Training Methods

There are various types of training methods to apply for Broholmer. However. these are some easy methods which can be effective for them.

Relationship Based Training

Building a strong relationship with your dog is the essential part of owning a dog. If you find your Broholmer unwilling to perform any task, then it is your job to understand their behavior and mood.

Broholmer With It’s Owner. Image Source – Tieranzeigen.

This technique not only helps during the training session but also helps to build a strong bond between you and your Broholmer.

Rival Training

Rival training basically introduces other person while training. Like humans, dogs also get jealous in front of the rival who is thriving during the training session.

So, in this rival training session, the trainer will use other human as a model and praise them for completing the task. In the same way, the trainer will scold the human for their bad behavior.

For making this training session a success, the human can also be competitive with Broholmer to make them insecure. Your Broholmer will observe the task done by the another human and tends to do the same. Nevertheless, this training will help your Broholmer to accomplish the task more quickly and effectively.

Reward Based Training

Reward based training needs consistency to be effective. It helps to develop positive attitude towards your Broholmer. When your pet completes the task reward them in seconds to make them realize that they are rewarded with treats if they complete the task.

Broholmer cannot be rewarded in every behavior. For instance, if you give them treat for their bad behavior then they might not be able to differentiate between good and bad behavior.

Training Strategies You Need To Know While Training Broholmer

Avoid Punishments : While training your Broholmer avoiding punishments is the key step. Instead, try giving them time when they are not really active to perform any task. Using harsh punishments while training is never a solution.

Wait and Repeat : Sometimes there might come a situation when your dog doesn’t understand the command you give them. In that case, wait for some moment and repeat the task to them. Therefore, patience is what you and your Broholmer must have while training.

Socialization : Socializing your dog helps to become a well-behaved dog. It also helps to overcome fear and bad behaviors.

To conclude, use these training methods and strategies to train your Broholmer. As said, you will need patience and confidence to train a dog.

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