The Dalmatian dog breed was originally bred to trot behind a carriage so, they are highly active and love exercise. As they are a very energetic breed, also known for their hunting task and guard duties.

They have a long history of being quite a handful and stubborn hence, early training is important for Dalmatians. In this article, we’ll take you through the training method, strategies as well as general information for Dalmatians.

When to Start Dalmatian Training?

Train your Dalmatian as soon as you bring your puppy home when they reach 6-8 weeks old. The reason for early training is to make your dog obedient and disciplined by setting some first ground rules. Early training also helps to avoid developing their bad habit. They love attention and are easy to please which makes them easy to train through positive reinforcement. However, if you are unsure to train them, look for an option like a training center where they are well trained.

When they reach 2-4 months, you can proceed with their basic and potty training. You can start with basic commands like sit, up, jump, and so on. By the end of 4 months, go for their socialization among other humans and canines before exposing them to the outer world. Then keep your basic training going on and when they are 6 months old, begin their advanced training. As they already have mastered their basic training they can go for their advanced dog tricks and command.

Where to Start Training Dalmatian?

The training place of Dalmatians should be chosen according to their comfort and what they are learning. For instance, their basic training can be easily taught at home. It can be distracting to learn in public so, it’s best to avoid crowded places. Training them at your home can create a friendly environment and your dog tends to shows interest in their training.

To train your dog for housebreaking, you need to show the toilet spot and do indoor supervision all the time. First, put them in his crate for short period then take him to the toilet spot every hour. Also, offer a treat and praise him whenever he relieves himself in the spot for motivating them.

How to Define Task To Dalmatian?

Being a dog owner for the first time is not an easy job as it’s hard for them. Educate yourself in their training methods and learn different techniques to prevent frustration for yourself and your Dalmatian.

Training solely doesn’t depend on your dog as you also have many responsibilities to carry on. In order to define tasks make sure they completely understand your command as what you want them to do. Use simple words for their task and teach them what it means by showing them. As they understand and start to follow you quickly treat him as a reward for motivation.

Dalmatians playing together with a ball.
Image Source: Daily Paws

At first, limit their training time to 10-15 mins a day where you teach them what’s right and wrong, to avoid behavior problems in the future. Always remember to end your short training session on a positive note by motivating them.

Training Process

Dalmatians need a high level of physical exercise so they can be frustrated or depressed while the activeness doesn’t meet their desire. They are known as a stubborn breed, so it’s important to stay confident and consistent with them during training. They are a trainable and intelligent breed sometimes training can be hard for them.

Leadership: In the case of leadership, you have to develop a strong impression upon him that you are their master as they can take control in no time. If you fail to control his training sessions will also be hard for you. Being their leader doesn’t mean you need to get harsh on him or give physical punishment as they can backfire in a negative way. Always be their gentle and firm leader.

Socialization Training: Socialization is a very crucial part of dogs’ life as it determines their behavior around other humans and canines for their lifetime. Lack of socialization can cause problems in the way of being familiar with others. You can take them to socialization classes so he is more confident around other dogs where they can learn other dogs body language and how to react around them without being aggressive.

Leash Training: For this training, first make sure they become friendly with a leash around them as it’s for the safety of your dog and other humans. Sometimes Dalmatians can be suspicious around strangers and chase small animals so, practice this training indoors before going outdoors. First, take a shorter distance with a loose leash and make a short walk in the yard until they become familiar.

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