Doberman Pinscher is a working dog with a kind, loyal, and loving nature. Training these breeds is very essential in their life as they should learn to live and behave around humans as well as canines. They are very in tune with the emotions of humans and are eager to please their master so, early training is a must for them.

These breeds are fighting, stubborn, and aggressive if improperly trained. However, with proper attention and correct guide, they do well in their training to be the best version of themselves. The training methods are not the same for all breeds hence, you can try the best one for them.

When to Train Doberman Pinscher?

Start Doberman training the moment you bring them home around 6-8 weeks old. Early training your dog makes them socialized, obedient, and smart while making them disciplined. They also learn to distinguish between right and wrong behavior. Firstly, start by calling out their name as the repetition will make them learn fast. Then begin with their house training as this might take some time for them to master.

When they reach around 8-10 weeks old, start with their basic obedience training like sit, come, down, and so on. Make training sessions short and entertaining at the beginning. Then slowly increase their training time when they reach 6-8 months as they need more training sessions now. Always remember to keep your Doberman occupied as boredom is not healthy for them.

Where To Train Doberman Pinscher?

In the beginning, provide basic training at your own house. The indoor training includes obedience and potty training for your pup. Limit their outdoor training at first as they easily get distracted by other birds and animals. However, if you are first time owner or having a hard time training your dog, a training center is highly recommended. Also engage them more in canine sports like agility, tracking, rally, dock diving, and so on.

Doberman Pinscher doing his agility training.
Image Source: American Kennel Club

After their basic training, take them outdoors for advanced training as they need more space to train. By this time, they won’t get easily distracted so, outdoor training is safe now. Then take them for Socialization as it is extremely important for Doberman. Take them to parks and dog-friendly places to make sure they understand that meeting new people and making friends is normal.

How To Define Task for Doberman Pinscher?

Defining tasks for Doberman is an important part of training for both owner and dog. It shows their relationship and how well the dog understood the training session.

To define the task, the dog’s attention should be fully on you and understand their activity level and excitement for training. Use your phase and words limited for one task as plenty of them could confuse the dog. You can even demonstrate yourself first to make it easy for them during practice. For example, if you want them to “roll over”, do it in front of them so they learn quickly.

During their learning process, never give physical punishments or use harsh words. Always use positive reinforcement and motivate them through some rewards.

Training Process

Doberman are not easy to train unless you are an experienced owner or professional. They learn easily and respond quickly but can be destructive and unmanageable if not raised properly. For their training, you have to be a strong leader and patient, to teach them effortlessly.

Leash Training

This training can be quite difficult for many owners but is very important for a strong dog like Doberman. In order to master it, you have to make sure they understand basic commands like sit, a release command, and leave it. After that, teach them the heel command and make them familiar with the leash and collar before going outdoors.

Doberman Pinscher in his leash training.
Image Source: For Dog Trainers

Take a short walk inside the house before they are fully trained on a leash. Don’t leash them when they are energetic to go for a walk as they tend to pull or run with those on which is dangerous for both the owner and the dog.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is one form of positive training that creates productive behavior during training. It is an electronic device that gives a “click” sound used as a treat instead of giving the actual rewards. Before starting make your dog familiar with the sound and start in a quiet room with no distractions.

At first, make the clicker sound and provide a treat at the same time, so they understand that it’s a reward they get for their good performance. Then stop giving them a treat and use the clicker as their reward.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the method where you use positive behavior towards your dog. These breeds are the ones that want to please their owner as one motivation can do wonders to them. They will be more encouraged and enthusiastic in the training session.

Treat is another form of positive reinforcement that ought to granted for their accepted behavior. However, if they show unacceptable behavior, correct it immediately without staring, dragging, or shouting at them.

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