There will be a time when you have to leave your pooch at home due to vacation, emergency or some wedding and there is no one to look after your dog at home. You might be in a dilemma and don’t know what to do as there is no one to look after for your dog. This is the everyday question that dog owners face all around the world.

Pet boarding is one of the popular solutions for every dog owner who wants to enjoy vacation and ceremony without worrying much about their dog. According to the Rover, there is around 8500 traditional dog boarding kennel in the United States excluding other non-traditional boarding kennel run by professional. Here are the best 12 dog boarding service in the United States of America.


Rover is a home away from home for your dog. Your dog will be at the hand of a good sitter that you can trust with your pooch. The rate might vary from $20-$85 per day on average with facilities like payment after booking, meet the sitter for free and see if he/she is the perfect fit. They will even upload a cute picture of your furry friend fetching and playing. Their services are provided in various cities like Denver, Chicago, Boston and many more.

K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel

The K-9 resorts daycare and luxury hotel are located in Fanwood, New Jersey. It is ranked one of the tops by the Courier Times and by New Jersey Monthly. They also provide with luxury dog bedding, doggie ice cream, dog bath, and outdoor yards. They also provide the offer of 50% off for multiple dogs sharing a room. The price range is from $25-$70/day, depending on the room.

Pooch Hotel

The Pooch Hotel is located in more than 10 locations in the United States including California, Connecticut, and Texas. They have veterinarian access if it is needed for your dog. They also have the facility of the webcam so you can see your dog whenever you miss him/her. The price varies from the location that is $30-$95 per day on average.

The Barkley Pet Hotel

The Barkley pet hotel one of the great services is, they actually take your dog for a ride in a car and they stop at McDonald’s drive-thru for a treat! You can also exclude the trip to McDonald and only ask for the car ride. Other than that they have a similar service and facilities like other pet hotels. The room rate varies from the place and can cost from $40 to $90 per day on average.

Car Ride facility
A dog having a car ride.
Image Source: Money Under 30

Paradise Ranch Resort

The Paradise Ranch Resort located in Sun Valley, California. The hotel provides with the facility of a boogie board for your dog and also massage to get relief of all the workout stress. They also have webcams facility and 24/7 staff service. The rate is between $70-$80 per day on average and the price differs in festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving which is around $99 per night.

Posh Pet Hotel

The Posh Pet Hotel is in West Palm Beach, Florida. They provide the service of grooming, spa, 24/7 webcam. The average rate for the room is $49/day and can be high depending on the room and services.

Bulldog sitting on a hotel bed
Bulldog sitting on a hotel bed.
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Chateau Poochie

The Chateau Poochie is in Pompano Beach, Florida. It provides services like air filtration, mood lighting, and even tuck-in and story time. The rate starts from $32-$109/ day.

Wag Hotel

The Wag Hotel is located in five locations in Northern California. They provide custom music and movie selection, nightly 2-way video-chats with owners, belly rub nightly, and 24/7 staff service. The average rate for the room is $50 per day and can be high.

Video chat facility
A dog Video chatting with its owner.
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Best Friend Pet Care

Best friend Pet Care is located in the Lake Buena Vista, FL and are located in 16 states and around 30 locations. There is a private play yard for your dog and even a bedtime story. The cost starts from$44 up to $109.

Olde Towne Pet Resort

The Olde Towne Pet Resort is located in three locations throughout the Washington D.C. They offer a mud bath treatment, heated swimming pool for exercise and therapy. They also provide a TV with an image and sound that is familiar to your dog.

Olde Towne Pet Resort
A dog having a massage.
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Fitdog Sports Club

The Fitdog Sports Club is located in Santa Monica. It is a place where all of the dogs will love to go as it has sunny beaches and hiking trails of Southern California. Back to the resort, there is a bed with a cooling system, workout, grooming, and many more.

D Pet Hotels

The D Pet Hotels is located in Los Angeles and part of its chain locations includes Chelsea, Scottsdale, Hollywood. They provide sirloin steak with your dog canine friend. They also have the facility of picking and dropping your pooch in your choice of vehicles that includes Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley, Porsche or Rolls-Royce.

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