The Dogue de Bordeaux (DDB) is one of the most ancient French dog breeds that are of courageous, loyal, affectionate, and protective nature. These breeds are strong and stubborn thus, early socialization and obedience training is a must. Strong leadership is a must for their proper behavior as they aren’t easy to train.

The giant-headed DDB shouldn’t be the choice of first-time dog owners as they can give hard time while growing up. However, if you introduce training school then they make a great family dog with their loyal and loving nature. Here are some training methods for your dog to make the training easier.

When To Train Dogue de Bordeaux?

Start training Bordeauxdog when they reach 8 weeks old as it also is the time when you bring them home. As you know they are difficult to train so, early training helps them to soak up the methods and routine easily. Start with their basic obedience training with simple commands like ‘sit, ‘go’, ‘stay’, and ‘no’. Be patient with every command as they won’t learn everything in one session. Use the ‘jump’ command less as it can result to hip dysplasia.

When they master basic training, start their advanced training which should be when they reach 6 months old. Teach more commands like ‘heel’, ‘wait’, ‘leave it, and so on. Remember to limit their training with low-impact exercise until they turn 18 months to avoid strain in their bones and joints. Then you can begin their agility training with some sports like swimming, hide and seek, short walks, and teaching new tricks.

Where To Train Dogue de Bordeaux?

To train a friendly breed like French Mastiff, home is the best place for them as they are more comfortable there. Training like housebreaking, potty, and basic can take place in their known surrounding. Bordeauxdog is not an athletic dog so, outside training is not important as they might have breathing problems and heat strokes. Because of their brachycephalic or ‘short-nosed’ to be exact. Don’t leave him outdoors throughout the day and spend less time training in the heat.

Two Dogue De Bordeaux playing on the ground.
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If you’re having a hard time training them then it’s never too late for a training center. They get proper guidance there and learn new tricks every day. In addition, choose a less crowded place for their agility training where they easily learn with no distraction.

How To Define Task For Dogue de Bordeaux?

Before defining a task to Bordeauxdog, make sure they understand your language hence, begin with introducing yourself to them. Likewise, make them familiar with their names and communicate casually as can learn and understand easily.

Dogue De Bordeaux running on the ground.
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To make it easier, use simple commands and assign one task at a time so they are clear. For their better understanding, show visuals repetition by yourself. For instance, if you want your dog to ‘sit’ then show how the command is done. They will learn more easily by this method. For every good behavior and correct understanding, use a treat as a reward that keeps them motivated.

Training Process

Positive Reinforcement: This training process is very important for every dog especially for a sensitive dog like Dogue de Bordeaux. They need continuous motivation and encouragement as they can be stubborn and works well with strong-headed dogs. Avoid physical punishment and the use of harsh words as it can enormously affect their behavior and health.

Rewards: These breeds have a “What’s in it for me” attitude while training. Therefore, use treat in training sessions for keeping them motivated. For every good behavior, they show or do things correctly reward him with their favorite treat. Too much reward can lead to obesity instead use their favorite toys or their liked activity as a reward.

Socialization: Socializing them with puppy stage in various environments. It is to avoid fearful aggressive and inappropriate attitudes. Apart from their training, take them outdoors for socialization with the outer world beginning with canines, cats, and another human. Socialization helps them to adjust to their surrounding, making them more confident and stress-free.

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