The German Longhaired Ponter was originated in German that was used by hunters as pointing dogs. It is closely related to the German Shorthaired Pointer, German Wirehaired Ponter, and the Large Munsterlander.

Their body is strong, elegant, and athletic that allows them to run at a great speed and freely.

As an all-round hunting dog, the German Longhaired Pointer needs a family with can meet up with their energy and provide them with a job. They are not best suited in an apartment and do best in an open place where they can roam around. They make a great companion for an active and loving family.

Temperament of German Longhaired Pointer

The temperament of the German Longhaired Pointer is gentle, kind, active, and affectionate. It is gentle and loving towards its family and also gets along with children of all age.

They are sociable with other animals too and get along with any pets in the house. Although they need to be trained properly otherwise their hunting instinct will hurt small pets in the house.

German Longhaired Pointer forms a strong bond with its family and is especially attached more closely towards one person of the family which it sees as its leader.

So, if they are left alone for a long time or not given enough attention, they will face separation anxiety that is not good for their health. Therefore, do not leave them without anyone to accompany them.

German Longhaired Pointer playing on the field
German Longhaired Pointer playing on the field.
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Personality of German Longhaired Pointer

The personality of the German Longhaired Pointer is calm, friendly, and active. They are intelligent and active, so they need both physical and mental stimulation for a happy and healthy life.

They can become anxious and destructive if they do not get a job to do. So, if you can provide them with all the activities then German Longhaired Pointer is best for you.

They are clever and smart that can catch on new instruction without much problem. So, training is not tough when it comes to German Longhaired Pointer.

Using positive reinforcement is the best method for training your German Longhaired Pointer. Reward them with delicious treats but in a limited quantity and a lot of vocal praises.

Start from basic obedience training and move to agility training. Do not be harsh and forceful on them as they might be scared and will not be able to focus on training.

Is German Longhaired Pointer Child-Friendly?

Yes, German Longhaired Pointer gets along with children very well and they are playful, friendly and tolerant of their harsh behavior as well.

Although they are good with kids, it is necessary to supervise and guide their interaction. Teach your kids to handle dogs and behave around them.

German Longhaired Pointer and a baby looking out the window
German Longhaired Pointer and a baby looking out the window.
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What Makes German Longhaired Pointer Aggressive?

German Longhaired Pointer is not an aggressive dog but is friendly and gentle in nature. Although they can be aggressive in the hunting field, they are calm with people. Raise them in a good environment without any harsh behavior and treatment.

How Does German Longhaired Pointer Behave Around Strangers?

German Longhaired Pointer is wary of strangers and will bark to warn you of their presence but are not aggressive towards them. After a proper introduction, they get along well with them and greet them warmly. Early socialization with a variety of people is necessary so they do not become shy around them.

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