Being a pet owner, there are various things we get curious about our dogs, whether they are healthy or not. These thoughts are relevant as dogs can’t speak their mind and can’t inform about early symptoms. However, there are various signs and ways to know how your dog is feeling.

Even though, take your dog to a veterinarian from time to time and insert routine wellness checkups as well. This ensures your dog is healthy and is in good condition. Besides, here are some noticeable signs to see how healthy is your dog.

Clean and Odor Free Ears

The dog’s ears should be clear without dirt, excessive earwax, discharge, and strong odor. Likewise, it is a good sign if your dog doesn’t have the above problem. It is normal to get dirty as they go outside to play so a cleaning routine is a must or it can lead to ear infections. Check for swelling signs from time to time or watch for smelly ears and go-to a veterinarian for a proper checkup if any of these signs are suspected.

Constant Body Weight

Obesity is the most common health issue in dogs that lead to diabetes, heart disease, different type of cancer, and so on. Hence, a healthy dog must maintain a constant body weight that doesn’t change much. From the very beginning, every dog should have a balanced diet and control in their portion.

If you notice any weight gain or loss, visit your veteran for an ideal meal plan suitable for your dog. Therefore, if your pup is having an adequate amount of meal and has maintained consistency in weight that means they are healthy.

Fresh Breath

Healthy mouth, breath, and teeth are signs of good health without plaque or tartar buildup. Their gums must be pink and should smell fresh. Your pup also might suffer from dental diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay. These diseases can affect their overall health and can develop a bad smell as well as oral melanoma. Hence, routine dental care and checkup improve their health and spot-on any health issues early.

Dog getting ready to brush its teeth.
Image Source: Proud Dog Mom

Regular Bladder and Bowel Movements

One of the ways to check their health is to watch dogs’ urine and poop. Trust me it tells a lot about how your dog’s health is doing so you can take early precautions. A healthy dog will not have worms, eggs, diarrhea, mucus, blood, tarry appearance, a black, or greasy coating in its stool.

Likewise, your pet having amber, straw yellow, amber, pale gold, and clear yellow color urine is considered healthy. However, if you notice any change in their stool or urine it can indicate viral infection, stress, allergies, diet, and so on. So, take them for proper checkups if they don’t seem comfortable.

Shiny Coat

A dog coat is considered healthy when its coat is very shiny and glossy. The coat produces natural oil that maintains the shiness and loose hair. They don’t need a daily bathing routine unless they get dirty. However, the bathing should vary according to their fur as every dog grooming process is different from one another.

Whenever your dog scratches, licks or chews onto their skin, it indicates skin allergies, irritation, a bug bite, or fleas. These are signs your dog is uncomfortable and must be treated.

Dog sunbathing while flexing his shiny coat.
Image Source: Dog Lover’s Towel

Engaged in activities

A healthy pup doesn’t always concern about the physical problem as some include mental problems as well. Physical illness can be seen but mental illness is very hard to specify. Likewise, if your dog seems happy and excited during a family activity, training, or playtime they are content and happy.

Similarly, sudden distance, lose of interest or being inactive shows signs of depression, anxiety, or sick. So, observe their moment during playtime and always use positive reinforcement and attitude towards them.

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