Longhaired Whippet is an elegant, goofy, and kind-natured dog breed that originated during the 1970s by Walter A. Wheeler Jr. With their fun and goofy side, they also have a calm side for their master which is to please their owner.

The medium-sized Whippet is somehow identical twin of Shorthaired Whippet. The long silky coat and long feathered tail of Longhair Whippet help to distinguish between them. Along with their behavior, they are good at running and make the perfect companion for a running buddy that loves to play around.

Temperament and Personality of Longhaired Whippet

The Longhaired Whippet is a people-oriented breed that is friendly, affectionate, and cuddly. This breed tends to get goofier when overly excited but can get demure around strangers. They are loyal and faithful towards their master. and are devoted to please the master with effort. Therefore, they are happier around their family as mistreated dogs are likely to be unhappy.

They are smart, protective, and athletic in nature who enjoys loved one’s company the most. In addition, they also love other canine companies along with other pets like cats or rabbits. Although they are friendly some pets can’t get along so, make sure they are comfortable with each other. These breeds are made for running, outdoor walks, and are eager to do anything their family is involved in.

Is Longhaired Whippet Child-Friendly?

When it comes to children, Longhaired Whippet is very kind and generous around children. However, early socialization is a must for both dogs and children for their proper behavior towards each other. Moreover, they try to run, spin, and play around with children while end up being clowns while showing off. The affection they get from children is the thing that wants them to be with them making fun companions.

Longhaired Whippet with his small friend.
Image Source: Instagram

Is Longhaired Whippet Aggressive?

They are not aggressive but will bark at the stranger to warn the housing member. However, defending or tackling isn’t their thing around trouble. But if you are in danger, they won’t hold back and try their best to help you with anything. Some dogs can start barking when they see a same-sex dog near them but won’t go for a fight. Barking is a mandatory thing when they find or hear something suspicious. In conclusion. they are kind and sweet-natured that do well if raised and trained properly.

A picture of Longhaired Whippet.
Image Source: Instagram

How does Longhaired Whippet Behave Around Strangers?

They are family pets and aren’t violent with strangers but won’t admire them until being comfortable with them. These breeds do well in-house by not harming any new member or guest visiting your house. Although, get prepared for continuous barking towards strangers. However, all dogs act differently around strangers as some might get shy or get scared. Still, they need to be trained on how to act around strangers and feel more enjoyable and safe.

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