With Calm and dignified qualities the Newfoundland is just an awesome family pet which is easily adaptable in all types of climate.

The Newfoundland was bred as working dog, to help fishermen at Canada.

Temperament Of Newfoundland

The temperaments of Newfoundlands are kind, calm, good-natured and requires more companionship than other breeds. They are an attention seeker and don’t do well if left alone for a long time.

The Newfoundland is a vibrant breed who loves being around people and wants to be included in all family events. They are the best choice for active people who love to take long walks and to be outdoors.

Some of the male Newfoundlands are aggressive towards same-sex and some of them are dominant and aggressive with strangers and some of them excessive shy. But all these behavior can be averted by early socialization.

Personality Of Traits

The Personality of Newfoundland is bold, loving, helpful. They are very well-mannered and like other breeds, they also require good socialization from their puppy age onwards to avoid destructive behavior in the future.

The Newfoundland dog breeds are people-oriented dogs and to be happy they require nothing but to be around people.

The Newfoundland is a large dog with a thick, dense coat, intelligent eyes and a sweet, lovable face. Dogs of these bred are giant and breathtaking and only an experienced owner can handle these large dogs.

Are They Child-Friendly?

The giant dog breed is known to be highly tolerant of children. Because of their size and soft fur, they are safe to kids. They enjoy cuddling and playing with children.

The Newfoundland Are Child-Friendly
Newfoundland Breed With a baby Girl.
Image Via Bobandsuewilliams.

As with all other breeds, this giant breed also requires supervision while interacting with kids to avoid accidents. And as a parent, you need to teach your children how to approach with kids and not to pull their eyes and not to disturb them when sleeping and eating.

How Does It Feel to Leave With Newfoundland Dogs?

The Newfoundland is bulky dogs and are not highly energetic but requires daily exercise to keep to be constant. They were bred as working dogs so they are adjustable and can perform well in new situations.

They enjoy swimming and it is recommended that you give them some playtime. Training these dogs is moderately busy with positive reinforcement and consistent training.

With young Newfoundland, you need to observe them and make sure they do not do excessive running and jumping. Because it can lead to health disorders in large dogs like Newfoundland with developing bones.

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