Norfolk Terrier is a British breed of dog that was originated in England, Great Britain in the early 20th Century as vermin and rat terminators.

The small-sized Norfolk Terriers are outgoing and determined dogs that thrive on human affection and needs as much attention as possible. They are loyal cute little companions.

What kind of temperament do the Norfolk Terriers have?

The Norfolk Terrier is a happy and lovable breed. It thrives on affection which makes it necessary to be around people every time. It gets closely attached with its people and likes hanging out with them.

A Norfolk Terrier puppy in grass. Image Source: Euro Puppy

The Norfolk Terrier is a friendly and companionable breed. It is also suitable for first-time owners and loves having fun with them. It has a common characteristic of being aggressive or dominant against other dogs of the same sex. They have a habit of digging and barking.

Personality Traits of the Norfolk Terriers

The Norfolk Terriers are outgoing, spirited and intelligent dogs. They love hanging out with their loved ones and prefer going on long walks, jogging, and hiking.

The Norfolk Terriers have an active, alert, and always ready to play personality. They are terriers which makes it natural to have an instinct of chasing after other small creatures.

Are the Norfolk Terriers Child-friendly?

Yes, the Norfolk Terriers are very child-friendly dogs that love being around and playing with kids. They are an incredible companion for your kids that’ll make sure that they both have fun with each other. They are good at getting along with kids and even become protective if needed. They are friendly and affectionate with children of all ages.

A Norfolk Terrier dog with a dad and his baby. Image Source: Instagram@calves16

How it feels to live with the Norfolk Terriers?

Living with a Norfolk Terrier can be very fun as it is an outgoing and lively dog breed. It loves being around its master and family trying to please them.

Norfolk Terrier is not a shy breed at all as it gets along with people with few interactions and forms a nice bond within. It is prone to digging up holes in the garden and barking at strangers it is a terrier breed.

A Norfolk Terrier with its master. Image Source: Instagram@norfolkterrier_of_insta

As the Norfolk Terrier is an active and playful breed, you’ll have to make sure that it gets the required amount of exercise daily. Obedience training should be given in order to avoid behavioral issues in the future.

What makes this breed aggressive?

The Norfolk Terriers are affectionate dogs that like running the show by themselves. They are never shy of strangers but friendly with proper introduction. They become dominant or aggressive against other dogs of the same sex and are likely to involve in a fight.

How does it behave with strangers?

The Norfolk Terriers are never shy of strangers. Instead, they are very friendly with them, but a bit reserved from inside. They are not likely to attack strangers until anything wrong is done.

Which celebrity owns this breed?

Lady Victoria Hervey, an English Model, owns a Norfolk Terrier dog.

Lady Victoria Hervey with her Norfolk Terrier dog.
Image Source: Daily Mail

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