Olde Victorian Bulldogge is a medium-sized, muscular dog breed that has a rough history of pit fighting, blood-shedding. They have a large head, strong body, thick bones, broad muzzle that gives them a strong-looking physique. They also are great guard dogs that will protect and look after your family and your properties.

Although Olde Victorian Bulldogge has a rough history, they are now known as a gentle and loving dog breed. They are suitable in a house with all aged people as they are gentle and loving towards their family.

If you are an active and experienced dog owner that can provide the Olde Victorian Bulldogge with love and proper care, they are the best choice for you.

Temperament of Olde Victorian Bulldogge

The temperament of the Olde Victorian Bulldogge is gentle, alert, and protective. With their family, they are gentle and are very loving towards them. They love their company and enjoy spending time with them.

They are very loving and protective of their family and are very alert to the activities going on in the surrounding. If there is something unusual in the area, they tend to bark and warn their owner.

Olde Victorian Bulldogge thrives on the attention and company of its family. If they are ignored and are not given enough company or attention, they will become anxious and depressed. They love to play with their people or lie by their feet or just cuddle.

Do not leave them all by themselves as they might face separation anxiety.

Olde Victorian Bulldogge personality and temperament
Olde Victorian Bulldogge with their master.
Image Source: Pinterest-@Alexandra Ashby

Personality of Olde Victorian Bulldogge

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge has a friendly, gentle, loyal, and devoted personality. They are very close to its people and forms a strong bond with them, especially with one particular person that they see as a leader.

They are very gentle with the people they love but if they sense some threat coming towards them, they will not back off and might even bite them. So, proper training is required so they do not go off biting people.

Olde Victorian Bulldog is a smart dog that is not hard to train for an experienced dog owner. They need an owner that is patience and can train them with consistency and firmness.

They tend to respond well to positive methods of training, so reward them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises. Never be harsh on them as they might get aggressive.

Is Olde Victorian Bulldogge Child-Friendly?

Yes, Olde Victorian Bulldogge is friendly with children as they are gentle, loving, and playful with them. They are not harsh on kids but are tolerant of kids harsh behavior.

Although they do not mind small kids pulling and pinching, it is always necessary to teach your children to behave around dogs. Close supervision is necessary so that there are no accidents from either party.

A Girl and Olde Victorian Bulldogge hugging
A Girl and Olde Victorian Bulldogge hugging.
Image Source: Instagram-@brutus_the_bull

What Makes Olde Victorian Bulldogge Aggressive?

Olde Victorian Bulldogge is not an aggressive dog unless there is a threat to its family. They are a gentle breed that loves its people and are never aggressive towards them. However, they are very protective nature dog that will not tolerate anyone hurting their family. This is when their aggression is seen.

How Does Olde Victorian Bulldogge Behave Around Strangers?

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge is suspicious of strangers and is alert when they are around. They will bark and take a close look at some strangers that approaches them or the property. They are not likely to get aggressive on them but if they try to harm their family, they will not back off.

Early socialization with a variety of people is necessary, so they become familiar with the human world.

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