The Portuguese Podengos is a dog that was developed in Portugal back in 700 BC. It comes in all three sizes: large, medium, and small. However, small sized Portuguese Podengos Pequeno is now considered a different breed.

Portuguese Podengos were used for hunting both small and big game like rabbit, vermin, deer, and wild boar. They were very good at hunting were they use sight, scent, and hearing to hunt their prey.

Portuguese Podengos coat comes in two types that are soft and wirehaired. Their body is slender and well muscled with a leg that helps them to run fast and swiftly. They have a wedge-shaped head with an alert and erect ears.

Temperament of Portuguese Podengos

Portuguese Podengos’ temperament is very active, alert and intelligent that can run fast and can jump high. Therefore, they should be kept in a well-fenced area so that they do not run or jump outside. It is close to its family and is protective of them.

If they sense any harm approaching their family, they will try to defend them. Therefore, they make an excellent watchdog and family pet. They are very active and need to exercise regularly. So, take them for a walk or a play once a day for about an hour.

Behavior: Portuguese Podengos are a lively dog that likes to run and play most of the time. Due to this nature, they might sometimes knock over something and injure themselves. They love to be with their family most of the time, therefore they are not suitable outside in a kennel. They should be kept inside with their family.

Portuguese Podengos can face nervousness and separation anxiety if they are left alone for a long period of time. They might even show destructive behavior. Therefore, they should not be left alone without any company at home for a long period of time.

Personality of Portuguese Podengos

Portuguese Podengos is an intelligent and smart dog that catches commands quickly. They do well with other dogs as a pet if raised together as they are friendly and doesn’t mind a canine companion. However, due to their hunting instinct, they should not be kept with small pets like cat, guinea pig, and rabbit.

As an active and energetic dog, they will really appreciate a long walk, jogging, hiking, and running. This will help them keep their mind healthy and body fit.

Confidence Training Portuguese Podengos.

Is Portuguese Podengos Child-Friendly?

Portuguese Podengos is very tolerant of children and they are very loving towards them, which makes them child-friendly. They get along with kids very well and can be a great playmate for them. Small children and toddlers who are unfamiliar are not suitable around them but older children can be good for Portuguese Podengos who knows how to behave around them.

They get well with small family kids and are very protective of them.

Portuguese Podengos is child-friendly
Portuguese Podengos sleeping on a boy’s lap.
Image Source: Instagram-@keravan_mauno

What Makes Portuguese Podengos Aggressive?

Portuguese Podengos is usually not an aggressive dog. They get well with both children and other canine pets. They are very protective of their family and loves them very much. However, if there is any threat towards its family, it might try to defend them with aggression. They can also become aggressive if someone continuously provokes and tease them. However, in general, they are not an aggressive dog and are great pets for family.

How Does Portuguese Podengos Behaves Around Strangers?

Portuguese Podengos is aloof of strangers and they are suspicious of them. They do not trust an unfamiliar person at home. If they see any strangers approaching them, they tend to bark and warn their owner. However, proper introduction is necessary to make them welcoming of guest in the house. Early socialization with variety of people is necessary for them to get along with people.

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