Siberian Husky is an incredible dog which is loyal, brave and can be very affectionate with human counterparts. They don’t display the possessive qualities of the guard dogs not overly suspicious about strangers nor aggressive with other dogs.

Being originated as sled dogs, huskies are capable of running long distances at a moderate speed and carry a light load in a very low temperature. But if you don’t have the experience of dog and this is your first time owning them, then may not be the right breed for you.

Husky Temperament And Personality

Huskies have even temperaments so you don’t need to worry about them switching their moods. Being raised as a pack dogs, these dogs are not aggressive even with strangers. If something catches their interest and they are not tied with a leash, they will surely run off. Siberian Husky have independent temperament and not always so eager to please.

The friendliness affection of the dog makes a good companion for people of every age even with strangers and other dogs. Because of this, they don’t make the best watch dogs. Huskies are known as the escape artists. They tend to escape the leash or even the electric fences when bored. Siberian can be diggers especially in warm weathers because they like to create cool places to lie.

Huskies love being carried.

Training huskies can be challenging because of their strong will and inclination to use in a clever way. Because of this, it is important to teach them to respect their owners. Without a pack leader, they may exhibit dominance over their family and pets. If they believe they are the leader, it will be difficult to train or exhibit some personality traits.

Getting a Siberian Huskies can be a wonderful thing to make your home a sweet home. With their sweet and loving nature you can never feel bored.

Siberian Huskies And Kids

Siberians are wonderful family dogs and they have wonderful level of temperament so that you will not have to worry about them suddenly being aggressive to your children. The younger the child the more you will find your dog interacting with your children. It is playful, athletic, agile and light on his feet.

However, the following points should be considered when you leave your child alone with the huskies.

Husky and Kid enjoying.
A boy with his Siberian Husky. Image Source: The Happy Puppy Site

Here are some do’s and don’ts your child should consider.
⦁ Do not allow your child to tug, pinch, poke or play roughly or act aggressively around your husky.
⦁ Teach your child not to bother your pet while eating or never snatch his foods.
⦁ Do not leave your infants on the ground with huskies. They may harm your child unintentionally while playing.

How Does It Feels Like To Live With A Siberian Husky

Huskies are a good companion. But as being a sled dog, they shouldn’t be left out without a leash. Most huskies get along with every pet, but they have a natural predator instinct and may chase or harm if they weren’t socialized.

Siberian Husky are very energetic dogs and can’t resist chasing small animals. As natural pack dogs, huskies love being around people and also love meeting new people. They shouldn’t be left alone for a long period of time. These dogs were bred for running and should have a nice run couple a times in a week.
Siberian Husky Confused With The Sound.

Early training is a must for Siberian Huskies to focus on people. They need to socialize at the early age. If left alone they tend to be more destructive, chewers or give neighbors lovely howling concert.

Getting a Siberian Huskies can be a wonderful thing to make your home a sweet home. With their sweet and loving nature you can never feel bored.

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