The Taiwan dog is a medium-sized dog that is also known as Formosan Mountain Dog. It was originated in Taiwan as a hunting dog and guard dog. Though they were bred for hunting purpose, they also make a great family companion.

Taiwan dog is a very loyal dog breed that is fully devoted to its family. They are very active, agile, and thrives to engage in some activities. It is not for an inactive or novice dog owner. So, they need an active owner who can meet their required activity level.

Temperament of the Taiwan Dog

The Taiwan dog is of loyal, intelligent, and versatile temperament. They are gentle with people, even with strangers if they begin to know them. They are very alert as being a guard dog. It will warn their owner if they sense any unusual activity going on in the area or their territory. Therefore they make an excellent watchdog.

The Taiwan dog is a fearless dog breed that will not back off if they sense a threat to their family. They can adopt in any environment as long as they get the required exercise like running and playing. If you are an active dog owner who likes jogging and running, then Taiwan is a great partner for you.

Taiwan Dog playing with toy
Taiwan Dog playing with toy.
Image Source: Instagram-@sactownmaggie

Personality of the Taiwan Dog

The Taiwan Dog’s personality is intelligent, independent, and smart. It catches instruction and commands quickly, so, training them is not a difficult task to do. They are very protective of their people and are not afraid to face anything for their family. They are affectionate toward their family and are very playful and fun around them.

The Taiwan Dog is not a difficult dog to train as long as you are an experienced dog owner who knows the dog’s behavior. They do not respond well to harsh behavior and can become aggressive. Therefore, use positive methods of training by rewarding them with treats and lots of vocal praises. This will encourage motivate them to focus on the training.

Is Taiwan Dog Child-Friendly?

The Taiwan dog gets along with children very well and is very playful and protective of them. They are friendly with them and enjoy being their playmates. Small kids can sometimes play rough which Taiwan may not tolerate.

Therefore, kids should be taught to behave around dogs and treat them gently. Always supervised their interaction as to avoid any kind of harsh behavior from either party.

Taiwan Dog posing with a cute baby
Taiwan Dog posing with a cute baby.
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What Makes Taiwan Dog Aggressive?

Taiwan dog is not an aggressive dog in general. However, harsh treatment, rough handling and unnecessary provoking them can also make them aggressive. Therefore, one should never treat their dogs harshly as they might become hard to handle in their adulthood.

How Does Taiwan Dog Behave Around Strangers?

Taiwan dog is wary of strangers and does not trust them easily. They will inspect them closely if they see them approaching their territory. If they sense any unusual behavior, they will bark and warn their owner. The Taiwan dog is not welcoming at first but once they are properly introduced, they will be gentle and polite with strangers.

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