With Sturdy, compact and rugged personality, the Welsh Terrier is a happy and lively dog breed who enjoys living life to the fullest. These dogs love spending its day having fun.

The Welsh Terrier dogs are very playful and they are less likely to get tired. Overall, they are a wonderful package of joyful, happy, fun-loving canine.

Temperaments Of Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier possess cheerful, playful and outgoing temperaments. These dogs can be stubborn but overall they are good-natured dogs. Dogs of this breed are rarely shy and timid around people. These dogs get along well with both friends and strangers.

Welsh Terrier Is Easygoing Pet.
Welsh Terrier Playing with another dog.
Image Via Pixels.

The Welsh Terrier likes to be active most of their time, they love working and playing with its people. They can be very noisy and enjoy doing unwanted things like digging holes in the garden. So, it important to supervise them in gardens, if you don’t want any kind of regret later.

Personality Traits Of Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier holds a spirited, alert and friendly personality. These dogs have a sensitive side to them, they enjoy human companionship and love to get attention from their family. Dogs of this breed are quite active and will be always ready to alert its family of every unusual sounds and sight.

Welsh Terrier Needs A lot Of exercise.
Welsh Terrier Running. Image Via Dog Breed Atlas.

The Welsh Terrier dogs are very happy throughout the day, they enjoy playing ball, frisbee, and tug of war. The Welsh Terrier is easy to train if trained from an early age.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Welsh Terrier Is Good With Kids.
Welsh Terrier Is Sitting Near with playingkKids.
Image Via Instagram@jeffthewelshie

The Welsh Terrier is generally friendly with kids and enjoys the company of children of all ages. Dogs of this breed often tend to bond a strong relationship with the family’s children. However, they can be overly boisterous with small kids and can risk playing too roughly and knocking over them. So, be sure to supervise them around small children.

How Does It Feel To Live With Welsh Terrier?

Welsh Terrier is active and playful breeds which enjoy spending lots of time outdoors, however, these dogs require a good amount of daily exercise and opportunities to play, including swimming, running, etc.

What Makes Welsh Terrier Aggressive?

Welsh Terrier dogs are not really aggressive, however, if they are not socialized properly in time, they are likely to have aggressive behavior towards other dogs. So definitely, take them to dog parks and around your neighborhood for walks and try to expose them to new environments as much as possible.

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