You may notice the Welsh Highland White Terrier for its innocent and cute look, but they are more than just a cute face. They are a very steady and clever hunter, moreover, its kind and light-hearted nature make them a pet who’s the only intention is to have some fun.

This little fellow is a friendly and happy pet who fascinates themselves to everyone, especially when they tilt their head to the side and will look at you quizzically.

Temperaments Of West Highland White Terrier

Temperaments of West Highland White Terrier is active, alert, friendly and curious. These dogs have a bold and fearless nature, so they require an adequate amount of exercise on a daily basis. Dogs of this breed tend to bark a lot. So if you are planning to own one of this breed, then you should also plan to pay for professional training so your pet doesn’t make you crazy with its excess barking.

West Highland White Terrier Is A Friendly Dog.
West Highland White Terrier Watching TV in a sofa.
Image Via Instagram@mary_out_of_africa

These spunky canines are full of life and devotion. They tend to possess a stubborn behavior, although, with proper and consistent guidance, it’s possible to prevent them from being stubborn and excessive barking.

Personality Traits Of West Highland White Terrier

The Welsh Highland White Terrier are small dogs with a big personality. Although these little dogs are bold and independent by nature, they are usually friendly and easy to handle than other terrier breeds. These little fellows are quite possessive to their property and you will be surprised to know that they make good watchdogs too.

West Highlands White Terrier Is PLayful.
West Highlands White Terrier Sitting. Image Via Dinoanimalso.

Dogs of this breed are usually affectionate and love being with its people but they are not a lap dog. These dog breeds are little restless and like to be busy most of their time. However, they have a strong prey drive which means they are not a good idea for families who have already own other small pets like rabbit, bird, hamster.

Are They Child-Friendly?

West Highland White Terrier Is Gentle With Kids.
West Highland White Terrier With Little Girl. Image Via c.a._westies_qbe.wasabi

The Welsh Highland White Terrier is good with older children who understand how to approach dogs. However, they are not recommended for families with small children as dogs of this breed do not tolerate any kind of nonsense and are very quick to react to teasing.

And because of their possessiveness for their toys and food, they will surely defend from everyone, including children.

How Does It Feel To Live with West Highlands White Terrier

West Highlands White Terrier IS An Active Breed
West Highlands White Terrier Being Kisses By A Lady.
Image Via Hills Pet Nutrition.

This little dog we are talking about is very energetic and they require a lot of regular activity to keep them happy and healthy. If you are planning to adopt this breed, but you do not have a fenced in your back yard, you will have to take them to the park where they can get some exercise and will socialize with people and other dogs.

What Makes West Highland White Terrier Aggressive?

The first reason why the Welsh Highland White Terrier becomes aggressive is when they feel threatened and the second reason is insufficient socialization. This is why it’s so important to expose your dog to new people, dogs, and situations.

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