If you are looking for a dog, for sure you should have a glance at the most popular breed Yorkshire terrier dog.

The reason to have this dog are they are really too cute, small in size but big in personality, and secondly they have a very charming and friendly personality. They are ideal with both adults and children too.

Yorkshire Make Perfect Companion
Little Yorkshire Sitting and looking cute naturally.
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Each dog of this breed has its own personality and special attitudes and has known different tricks. Yorkies are also known for excessive barking and for being an excellent watchdog. Also, they have a great sense of hearing and will start barking if they sense any kind of danger to alert their owners.

Things That Define The Temperament of Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier carries a lot of courage & confidence , they are very energetic and active, and they are ready to play all the time. And most importantly they are very easy to be trained if the owner uses correct method to train them. But if you don’t train them early, especially on his first three months of his young puppy life, than later it will trouble you , you will find how obdurate that little pooch can be.

As Yorkies are highly independent and smart too, so they don’t hesitate to face danger. You may have heard several stories about Yorkies showing their courage and bravery. In world war II, Smokey was pulled through an underground tunnel which was about 70 feet of wire.

In New York, a Yorkshire Terrier named Oliver saved a women’s life from getting attacked by another dog. As a matter of fact , they never move back even if they had to fight against another dog who is three times large than their size.

Attention Seeking Personality

The personality of each Yorkshire Terrier depends upon how they are raised. Some are quite vibrant and bold, while others are delicate divas, who require royal treatments at all time. Yorkies are also known known as ‘purse dog’ as ladies enjoy to carry them around their hand bags or under their arms .

They are very popular lapdogs of high society ladies. One common thing about Yorkies is that they don’t realize their small size and because they have a lot of courage and attitude, they often get aggressive towards people and other dogs.

Yorkies are fond of attention. They give love and seek attention at the same time, almost all the time. They dislikes people, who ignores them.They do not like to be left out without companionship. Many owners say that Yorkies follows them room to room like their shadow

Are Yorkies Safe to Children?

Yorkshire terriers are the most popular toy dog breeds, but they don’t make the perfect playmates for your children. But it doesn’t mean that Yorkies and kids can’t mix. Only because Yorkies aren’t great kids dogs it doesn’t mean that they will never perform well together.

Yorkie Has A Playful Nature
Yorkie Being Hugged By Little Girl.
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If you have children and wanna have Yorkie as your Pet than you must first teach your kids the right way to interact with pets and than rebuke the Yorkie in appropriate ways if they snaps or growls at children.Do Yorkies

Do Yorkies Dog Breed Make Good Family Member?

One common thing about Yorkshire Terrier is popular for being quite stubborn. When they are not in the mood of doing something, then you will understand it because at that time they will refuse to do anything, they will even refuse to listen to your voice or commands.

They will be a good family member if they are trained at an early age.

Origin Of Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier also known as Yorkie was originated in Yorkshire, a country in Northern England. The ancestors of Yorkie were mix of many other terriers.

In the mid 19 century, many people from Scotland came to Yorkshire in search of work and along with them, they brought several types of terriers which were then known as Broken Haired Scotch Terriers. They were bred for hunting which later, during the Victorian Era changed in companion dogs.

The Royal Class and upper class society began to embrace this breed for its unique appearance and its small size. And than its popularity carried over into America.

If you are a person who has to travel frequently or move from one place to other changing jobs or transfer house or apartment, then Yorkies will be a great option for you because they are very adjustable. And if you set limitations, then your Yorkie will be an amazing companion for you. And as you know they are stubborn so you should start training when they are puppies.

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