Congratulations on making one of the important decisions of welcoming a new furry friend into your life.

Adopting a puppy or an adult is great as the dog will get a home and a loving family for the rest of their life. It will be their life-changing moment. You know they will cherish every moment with you as every dog are very grateful for the love you provide to them.

Although you have made up your mind to adopt a furry pet, before adopting one, there are some questions that you should ask yourself and also the organization. Make sure to select a dog that best fits you, your personality, and your family.

Questions to Ask Yourself?

1. Why do you want a dog?

Think about why you want to own a dog. Owning a dog is easy but taking care after owning is challenging. Ask yourself that you are not owning a dog just for home decoration and you are ready to be committed to your dog. If you are not ready to take care of it and take responsibility, then you are not just ready yet.

2. How to Choose a Dog for Adoption?

Many people look for a breed to adopt as they love a particular breed or they have grown up with them and want the same. Although it is not bad to choose a dog of a breed that you are familiar with as you know the temperament of that breed. However, if you are considering to adopt a different breed, talk to the owner and choose the dog that suits your lifestyle.

Dogs for adoption
Two dogs teasing each other for adoption.
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3. How Much of Mess you can Handle?

Every dog is little or too messy. So if you are ready to vacuum, do some scrubbing than you are also ready to adopt a dog. However, if you do not have the energy to clean up the mess that the dog leaves behind, then you are still not ready to own one.

4. Who will be the Dog’s Primary Caretaker?

In today’s busy world, everyone is busy with something and so are you. While the adults are off to work, children are also off to school leaving the poor dog in between their busy life. So, make sure there is at least one family member for the dog as a primary caretaker.

Questions to Ask the Shelter or Rescue Organization

1. How Old is the Dog?

You might be wondering why you need to ask this question but the age matters depending on what you want. You might not have time to train them, supervise them, so an adult dog is suitable for you. But if you want to raise them from puppyhood and train them in your own way than a puppy is best for you.

Dog before and after being rescued
Dog before and after being rescued.
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2. How Does the Dog End Up in the Shelter?

A dog or a puppy might be in a shelter due to many reasons. They might be in there because of the previous owner moving or having landlord problems. Some might be even their from a puppy mill or rescued from an abusive family. Knowing their background, you can treat them and behave with them accordingly. If they are from an abusive background, you need to approach gently and be patient with them.

3. Does the Dog Have Any Medical Problem?

This is one of the most important that you need to ask the organization. Most of the dogs that are been up for adoption have received all the necessary vaccines. You need to ask if there are any big health issues that you need to be worried about. Also, ask if there is any medication that needs to be taken on a regular basis.

4. Does the Dog Have Any Behavioral Problem?

It is very important to know if the dog has any abnormal behavior like aggression, frightened, anxiousness or destructive. If it is a rescued dog, it can be terrified or aggressive.

By knowing their behavior you can decide if it is right for you and your family. Also, you can improve some of their behavior like frightened or aggression by handling them properly and with love. So, know about their behavior from the organization so you can respond accordingly.

Happy dog after being rescued
Happy and healthy Pitbull after being rescued.
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5. Is it Good with Children and Other Pets?

It is very important to know if they are a friendly dog if you have kids and other pets in the house. By knowing their behavior with children and other pets, you will be avoiding the possible risk of hurt and injuries. Also, if the pets in the house are not good with other animals, it is better not to adopt one.


Well, you know the important questions to ask yourself and the organization before adopting a dog. You can ask more about the dog and get to know it better. Ask yourself if you can afford all the expenses after bringing the furry friend at home. You have to consider all these things beforehand and you cannot neglect once you have bought the dog home.

Therefore, be sure if you want to adopt a dog. After being sure, know from the organization where the dog was from, its background (about the previous owner or if stray, in what condition it was found), age, health condition, and all the important stuff. After knowing and bringing the dog home, provide it with all the love, care, and the dog will return the same and more.

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