Affenhuahua is a designer breed that is the result of mixing two breeds small-sized breeds: Affenpinscher and the Chihuahua. It was originated in the United States when designer breeds were gaining its popularity.

Even though it has not recognized by any major kennel club, they have high demand and are also popular among people.

Affenhuahua is a short, feathery dog covered with a medium-length coat. It has a ‘monkey-faced’ appearance that is adapted from the Affenpinscher. The ears are feathery that is semi-floppy and the eyes are round.

Due too their small-size and a great combination of temperament from both of its parent, Affenhuahua make an excellent family companion.

Temperament of Affenhuahua

The temperament of Affenhuahua is mixed from both of its parents. It got the active, stubborn nature of Affenpinscher and sassy, intelligent nature of Chihuahua. They are stubborn and might misbehave sometime, so proper guidance and training are required.

They are also an alert dog that will watch the surroundings and if they see anything suspicious, they will bark and warn their owner. Therefore, Affenhuahua also makes a great watchdog.

Affenhuahua needs a lot of attention as they tend to thrive on the company of its family. They also need a lot of playtimes, so take them out to a park for dogs sports or just running. If they are left alone all by themselves for a long time, they will get depressed and anxious. They even get destructive and starts to dig, scratch and bark. So, give them all the love and attention that they need.

Adorable Affenhuahua.
Image Source: Wag!

Personality of Affenhuahua

The personality of the Affenhuahua is friendly, playful, and curious. They are good with their people and are very loving towards them. They are also good with other pets in the house but jealousy might strike them, so it is better to keep pets that you are going to raised together from a small age.

Training Affenhuahua is not a hard job to do as they are smart and quick at catching on new commands and tricks. Although they can be a bit stubborn sometimes, a firm and patience leadership will help them to be obedient.

Do not repeat the same instruction and involve playing and lots of treats in their training. They respond well to positive methods of training which also keeps them motivated.

Is Affenhuahua Child-Friendly?

Affenhuahua adores children and enjoys playing with them. They do great with small kids as they are active and playful. Although they suit best with older children that knowns to behave around dogs.

Small kids might play rough and as Affenhuahua is small, they might hurt them accidentally by knocking over them.

A girl and Affenhuahua sitting on a bed
A girl and Affenhuahua sitting on a bed.
Image Source: Instagram-@the_captain_and_nancy

What Makes Affenhuahua Aggressive?

Affenhuahua is not at all an aggressive breed. They are protective of their people but are not likely to be aggressive. Although the kind of environment that they are raised in also determine their aggression. If they are raised in a harsh environment, they tend to become aggressive.

How Does Affenhuahua Behave Around Strangers?

Affenhuahua is either shy or wary of strangers which depends on the individual. They either will bark at them or greet them warmly and welcoming them in the house. Socialization with a variety of people at an early age s very necessary to avoid their aggression or shyness.

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