Bea-Tzu is an adorable, small-sized designer breed that was originated in the United States when designer breeds were in trend. It is a beautiful mix of Shih Tzu and Beagle. The head is broad, ears are droopy, the nose is of heart-shaped and the eyes are round.

Bea-Tzu is known for its intelligence, protectiveness, and loyalty. They make an excellent family companion that gets along with everyone in the house. Their slim and short body is covered with a medium-length coat and their tail is curved. They need a loving and active family that can take care of them as their own child.

Temperament of the Bea-Tzu

The temperament of the Bea-Tzu is loving, energetic, and devoted. They thrive on the love and attention of their family and are very affectionate towards them. They got the sweet, gentle nature of the Beagle and devoted, loyal nature of Shih-Tzu. The combination of all this quality makes them a unique breed and also an excellent pet for a family.

Bea-Tzu needs constant attention from its people that enjoy their company. If they are left alone for a long period of time without any human companion, they become depressed, destructive, and anxious.

They tend to bark continuously disturbing your neighbor. They strive to be around their family, so do not leave them alone all by themselves for a long time.

Bea-Tzu playing
Bea-Tzu playing with toys.
Image Source: 101dogbreeds

Personality of the Bea-Tzu

The personality of the Bea-Tzu is active, playful, fun, and friendly. They are great with other pets on the house too but they should be raised together from a small age. They are playful as well as protective, so they will try to defend their family if they sense threat even if they are small.

Bea-Tzu is an adaptable dog that suits in an apartment too with moderate exercise.

Bea-Tzu is a clever dog that is easy to train with patience and gentleness. They can be quite stubborn sometimes, so a firm and consistent leadership id required. They tend to respond very well to positive method of training where delicious treats and vocal praises are given as a reward.

Bea-Tzu puppy sitting on the sofa
Bea-Tzu puppy sitting on the sofa.
Image Source: Pinterest-@ Kate Morrow

Is Bea-Tzu Child-Friendly?

Bea-Tzu gets along with children very well as they are playful, gentle, and loving towards them. Although due to their small size, small kids might knock on them and hurt them accidentally.

So, close supervision is needed to make sure there is no harsh behavior from either party. Also, teach your kids to be gentle and loving with dogs.

What Makes Bea-Tzu Aggressive?

Bea-Tzu is not an aggressive dog is general and if your dog is aggressive than you bought it from a wrong breeder. They are protective and will show their aggression if someone threatens their family but are not likely to bite them. Proper training and raising in a good environment is necessary.

How Does Bea-Tzu Behave Around Strangers?

Bea-Tzu is wary of strangers that do not trust them easily. They are suspicious of them and will bark if they see some strangers approaching them or their family. Early socialization is necessary with a variety of people to make them warm with the visitors at home.

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