If you want a truly remarkable and affectionate dog, an Australian Shepherd is for you. They are loyal, intelligent, and easygoing companions. They also love work: Give them a job and they’ll do it best with energy to spare.

Australian Shepherd Dogs are meant to be a functional working dog capable of herding tough stock for miles in rough country or snowdrifts, and it has no smaller size varieties.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Temperment

The Australian Shepherds are very energetic breeds, they become bored and frustrated, if not active enough so it is essential for them to get frequent exercise even more than other dogs.

But if you are not getting the perfect exercise and mental stimulation then your dog can be destructive and bark for a long periods.

Friendly Personality of Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

The Australian Shepherd is Slightly longer than these heights, they stands 20 to 23 inches tall at the shoulder for males, 18 to 21 inches for females. On average, males weigh between 50 and 65 pounds, females 40 to 55 pounds.

They have a thick coat which is medium to long in length. They can be found in black, blue merle, red merle, solid-red or red with white and/or tan markings.

Aussie Are Intelligent Dogs
Australian Shepherd Playing With Ball Image Via: The Happy Puppy Site

Due to Aussie’s high intelligence they catch things very soon and learn very quickly. They can bear both hot and cold weather. They love having a job to do, but dislike if left alone for a long time, they are not suited for apartments as they need space to exercise throughout the day.

Are Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Safe for Children?

The Australian Shepherds are excellent for children too becausee when it comes to play, they never really outgrow the puppy stage.

Aussie are very playful with kids
Aussie Cuddling With Kids. Image Via Canna-Pet

But being a herding dog, many people consider that kids are part of their “flock”, so we need to teach our dog from an early age that herding kids or people is unacceptable. And once they learn it they can be a perfect companion for your kid. They can be more good with kids if raised together.

Is The Aussie A Good Family Dog?

If you’re looking for an intelligent, tireless, and trainable partner for work or companion then your search might end here. All they need is work, mental stimulation and a good training to be a well behaved dog.

Australian Shepherd makes a wonderful companion for the right family. They tends to adapt well to all kinds of active households.

Aussie can be a perfect family dog, as long as you prepared to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Origin Of Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd, despite its name, was actually originated in the United States not in Australia . In fact they have no connection with Australia. They were developed around the time of the Gold Rush in the 1840s. They were originally bred to herd livestock and to work in farm.

They can work well at high altitudes such as in the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and high plains where ranchers pastured their livestock. He was known for his hard work and was nicknamed as Aussie.

If you are living a very active lifestyle and you are looking for a breed who need to be active and hardworking as you, then Australian Shepherd dogs undoubtedly can be the perfect breed for you.

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