Bearded Collie is a medium-sized dog breed that was bred for the purpose of herding. It is also popularly known as Beardie which also makes an excellent family companion besides herding.

Bearded Collie gives birth to 5-7 puppies at a time. They should be provided with proper caring, so they grow up to be a healthy and happy adult. Here are the methods of caring for them and their behavior during different weeks and months up to a year.


A newborn Bearded Collie is completely blind deaf, and toothless. They cannot see, hear or eat anything solid. They are fully dependant on their mother for food and guidance. They cannot generate heat for their own body so the mother keeps them warm and cozy. So, provide them with a warm blanket to sleep in otherwise, the puppies might die of hypothermia.

At this stage2, the puppy should only be fed with mother’s milk and they should not be given any other type of food. The mother’s milk is very rich in colostrum which provides antibodies. It keeps the puppies safe from any kind of serious health problems.

Neonatal Stage (0-2 Weeks)

The newborn and neonatal stage for the puppies is a very fragile stage where they cannot do most of the things by themself. They cannot even pee or defecate on their own. The mother licks their baby and stimulates them to defecate. For heat, they all pile up against their mother’s body which keeps them safe and warm.

Bearded Collie puppies sitting with their mother
Bearded Collie puppies sitting with their mother.
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For two weeks, the puppies spend most of their time sleeping and the remaining time, they spend on feeding milk. Long sleeping is very important for their health as it helps in the development of their mind and body. You can see the progress in the second week where they become twice the size of their birth.

Transitional Stage (2-4 Weeks)

The stage where the puppy slowly begins to witness the new world is called the transitional stage. Their eyelids start to open in 10 to 12 days and for the first time, they can see their mother and other littermates. They will start to hear by the end of the second week of their birth. They slowly get familiar with the canine world and learn behaviors from their mother.

By the fourth week, their teeth start to grow and for the first time, the puppies sample sold food from their mother’s bowl. The mother Bearded Collie teaches her puppies to behave and at 3 weeks, she whines at her puppies to stop nursing.

Socialization Stage (4-16 Weeks)

It is an important stage for puppies as they slowly get away from their mothers and starts becoming more independent. The mother gives permission to let them interact with other animals in the house as well as with strangers.

Bearded Collie puppies playing with its mother.

Leash train them first and make them comfortable walking on a leash. After they can walk properly on the leash, take them to a park where they can interact and get to know other canines and human beings.

They are older enough to start eating solid food, so take you can provide them with high-quality puppy food. They are at the stage of developing so, they need 4 cups of small meals per day. It is also a time for their vaccination against distemper, rabies, adenovirus, DHPP, parvovirus infection.

Juvenile Stage (3-6 Months)

The juvenile stage is the stage where the puppies grow up losing their puppy face and becoming more of an adult. Their training should be started from the age of 4 weeks where they are eager to please their owner. At the age of 6 months, enroll them in advance training and agility. It will keep the active and healthy both physically and mentally.

5 months old Bearded Collie
5 months old Bearded Collie.
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Adolescence Stage (6-12 Months)

At this stage, the Bearded Collie puppy is fully grown and is an adult now. They are active sexually and experienced the first heat at the age of 6 months. Although they are sexually mature, they should not be included in mating and breeding. It is very risky for their health, so wait till they are 16 to 18 months old and is fully matured both physically and mentally.

This is the age where the puppies need a complete nutritional food. So, provide them with proper diets and supplements from a high-quality brand. Teach them all kind of tricks and commands they need to know.

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