Bedlington Terrier is a hunting dog that is originally bred for hunting
vermins. Besides being an excellent vermin hunter, it is also a
great family companion with active, affectionate, and loyal temperament.

The Bedlington Terrier can give birth to 4-6 puppies at a time. Since they are small-sized dog breeds, their growth rate is high then other large-sized
dog breeds. Here is the development process of the Bedlington Terrier during different stages till adolescence.


The newborn Bedlington Terrier puppies are completely deaf, toothless, and blind like any other newborn puppies. They are very vulnerable at this stage as they cannot do most of the things on their own. They cannot eat solid food, and cannot pee or defecate on their own. The mother licks their belly while cleaning them which stimulates them to pee or poop.

The puppies fully depend on the mother’s milk and they should only be fed their mother’s milk. As the milk reaches in colostrum which is high in antibodies, it will protect them from any kind of serious health problem. So, for at least 2 weeks, fed the puppies only the mother’s milk and let them sleep for about 90% of the day.

Neonatal Stage (0-2 weeks)

The neonatal stage is the period where the puppies are week and are only dependant on their mother. They need proper nursing and a lot of sleep. It will help their bodies to change and help in the growth of their bodies and mind. You will see the chance when they are about two weeks old.

Bedlington Terrier newborn puppies
Bedlington Terrier newborn puppies.
Image Source: Youtube-@Aušra Rimeikytė

At this stage, the puppies are not able to walk, so they crawl when they need to get to their mother. Do not separate them from their mother as they cannot generate heat on their own and might die of hypothermia. The mother keeps them warm and cozy by keeping the puppies close to her.

Transitional Stage (2-4 Weeks)

It is a stage where the puppies experienced a great chance in their puppyhood. With enough sleep and nursing, they grow up twice their birth size. And, for the first time, they can see their mother and other littermates. By 10-12 days of their birth, their eyelids open but they can only see vividly. When they reach 14-16 days old, they start to hear for the first time and they also can see more clearly.

This period is a great change for the puppies. They start to see, hear, and also walk their wabbly walk. They also form their own vocabulary to talk with their mother and other littermates. For the first time, they get to sample solid food from their mother slowly leaving breastfeeding. When they reach 4 weeks old, you can start some basic training.

Socialization Stage 4-16 Weeks)

This stage is a tie when the Bedlington puppies need to learn about other human beings outside their family and also other canines. Before taking them out for socialization, leash trains them and make them comfortable walking on the leash. As they mater walking on the leash, slowly expose them to the outer world.

Cute Bedlington Terrier Puppies playing
Cute Bedlington Terrier Puppies playing.
Image Source:

The puppies are very scared at this stage, so start socializing them in a less crowded place. Take them to a park where they can meet new people and canine friends. Introduce them to different people and also let them play with other pets in the park.

This stage is also a time for the Bedlington Terrier puppies first vaccination.
After consulting with a vet, give them vaccination against different diseases like rabies, distemper, DDHP, adenovirus, parvovirus, and medication for heartworm.

Juvenile Stage (3-6 Months)

The juvenile period is when the puppies lose their puppy face and become more of an adult. At this stage, the Bedlington puppies are grown up with a strong, athletic body. They have left feeding on their mother’s milk completely and are into premium puppy food.

Cute Bedlington Terrier Puppy sitting
Cute Bedlington Terrier Puppy sitting.
Image Source: Holidog Times EN

By the time they reach 6 months old, they experience their first heat. They are sexually matured at this age but it does not mean they are ready for mating or breeding. Although the puppies are grown and are matured sexually, they are not physically and mentally matured for breeding or mating. Therefore, wait for 16 to 18 months before breeding them.

Adolescence Stage (6-12 Months)

The Bedlington Terrier puppies are no longer puppy after they cross 6 months. They are more strong physically and jump from puppy food to high-quality adult food. Feed them a complete nutritional diet and also supplements if necessary. Continue giving them proper training, so they do not forget their learnings and get bored easily.

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