The Biewer Terrier is an elegant and long-haired with uniquely colored toy terrier breed of dogs that originated in the Hunsruck, Germany in 1894. This breed is a very close realtive of the Yorkshire Terrier.

The Biewer Terrier has a long and silky coat with a small-sized body. They don’t usually grow more than 9 inches tall weighing an averga weight of 4 to 8 pounds.

Temperament of the Biewer Terrier

The Biewer Terrier has a very friendly and affectionate temperament and is very comfortable enough to mingle. They are dedicated and loyal-natured, wanting to spend most of their time with their owners.
Cute Little Biewer puppies.

The Biewer Terrier sometimes behaves like children loving to do amusing things like carrying toys in his mouth. He sometimes acts a bit stubborn just like his relative, the Yorkshire Terrier, trying to be the Alpha.

It can be a little difficult to house train because of his playful but stubborn nature. He can be very willing at times, wanting to do things on his own.

Personality traits of the Biewer Terrier

The Biewer Terrier has a happy, brave and elegant personality having the habit of being suspicious against the strangers. He is less likely to bite but can bark to warn his owner about them.

The Terrier acts wary unless he gets familiar with the strangers and realize that they are not threat to his family. Inappropriate socialization may lead to the destructive behaviors from the dog.

The Biewer Terrier thrives on affection and likes to be the center of attraction. He will do anything to steal the show and seek as much attention as possible.

Are they Child-friendly?

Yes, the Biewer Terrier is very much friendly with kids and is good going with kids. He has childlike nature and loves playing and having fun with his people and kids.

A Biewer Terrier with a kid. Image Source: Instagram@freud_biewer

The Biewer Terrier is attention seeking breed and will love to do so with kids. He will play and spend time with your kids being very happy. The Biewer Terrier is an ideal match for your kid’s companion.

How does it feel to live with the Biewer Terrier?

Living life with a Biewer Terrier is a very happy experience as this breed gets along with people really fast and can socialize himself with other animals and kids as well.

The Biewer Terrier doesn’t require a big space to live in, he’ll adjust even in an apartment. He is active indoors and will not require a big yard to train and exercise.

A happy family with a Biewer Terrier dog. Image Source: Instagram@ohanalog

The Biewer Terrier are active little dogs that require daily exercise for which you can take them to walks, training and play fetch. You should give him early socialization to avoid the bad behaviors in future.

The Biewer Terrier will start considering themselves as the leader of the show unless you make him realize who’s the real boss. You should teach him obedience training and try to make him more patient.

Overall, the Biewer Terrier is a very excellent breed in terms of a playful and loyal companion. You’ll have to make sure that you apply positive reinforcements and kindness while training him and see how much of a worthy family mate he becomes.

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