The Berger Picard, which is also known as the Picardy Shepherd is believed to be one of the oldest sheepdogs that originated in France Centuries ago. This intelligent dog is companion for athletes and other sport’s players.

The medium-sized, well-muscled and slightly longer than tall dog is gifted with scruffy looks and great intelligence which makes this breed vary from other herding breeds.

What kind of Temperament does the Beger Picard have?

The Berger Picard is a bit stubborn breed of dogs but his stubbornness can be converted into something productive if he is engaged in training and playing around with him as much as he wants.

A Berger Picard with his owner. Image Source: The Roanoke Times

Despite being a bit stubborn, the Picardy Shepherd is always responsive to various types of training and positive activities. Overall, this breed has an even-tempered, dedicated, loyal and good-natured temperament.

Personality Traits of the Picardy Shepherd

The Berger Picard or the Picardy Shepherd has a lovable personality as it is beautiful in apperance and very good in terms of traits and characteristics. He is a lively, alert and confident dog.

However, Berger Picard is a herding breed and has strong herding and protective instincts. He’s very suspicious of strangers and will be cautious at first unless he decides they are no threat.

Are the Children safe around the Berger Picard?

Yes, the children will be absolutely safe around the Berger Picard as it is very sweet-tempered with children. He has a well-developed sense of humor which makes him an ideal companion for your kids.

The Berger Picard is a lively and playful dog that enjoys playing and fetching with your kids. You can be assured that your kids will have a good time playing with each other.

A Berger Picard with a child. Image Source: Instagram@atreyupicard

However, the Berger Picard is a herding breed and has inborn herding instincts inside him. If he has nothing to do, he may start chasing and pushing your kids trying to make a circle as the herding breeds do.

The Berger Picard is very playful with the kids as long as he is raised with them from the early stage. Early socialization and Obedience Training are the keys to produce a well-mannered and a wonderful companion for your kids.

How it feels to live with the Berger Picard?

Living with a Berger Picard is not so difficult as it seems. This breed can adjust very sufficiently in an apartment and a big yard is not important for him to train. He can exercise in a small one too.

The Picard dogs always try to stay close to its owner and family members. So, if you offer him a big yard and let him choose a spot to stay, he will rather inside with you instead of staying alone.

A Berger Picard sleeping with his owner. Image Source: Instagram@dixpix86

The Picardy Shepherd is generally a very quite dog, always waiting for its time to go out to run, play and wander around. If you train him to stay home on its own, he will not cause any problems.

You can also take your Picard to office with you. He will lay himself under a table near you and just wait for you to leave again or go for a walk.

So far, the Berger Picard is a wonderful watchdog, guard dog and a worthy member of the family. It thrives on love and affection, he will do any task you put before him very efficiently if you teach him with love and care.

Positive reinforcement and kindness are the two aspects for making a loyal pet.

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