Training your pet is not always an easy task. Since there are various methods about dog training it is obvious which one to choose between them. Sometimes it’s even hard when your dog has their mindset of their own.

When it comes to training a Bloodhound, it might be hard at the beginning, as they are very curious dogs. While training a Bloodhound, you will require more patience and consistency.

In the article below, you will find some training methods and strategies which may help while you plan to train your canine at home.

When To Start Training Your Bloodhound

You can start training your Bloodhound the moment you bring them home. But by this, we don’t mean you should start giving them advanced training. First, let your Bloodhound explore the new surrounding, and then you can start off by setting boundaries. However, the best age to start training your pooches is eight months old.

Bloodhound Scent Trailing. Image Source – Gilbertson and Page.

When they become a little older, you can take them for scent trailing as they are the scent-hound breed.

Your Bloodhound will thrive in this training as it is their instincts. Continue training your Bloodhound until they master the basic training. After that, you can teach them some advance techniques. However, you should be very patience and easy on your pet to thrive their training.

Where To Start Their Training?

Start training your Bloodhound at your home. An advantage of training at home is that they will be more familiar with the surroundings and tend to thrive even more. However, you can send your Bloodhound at a dog training center for advanced obedience classes when they reach the right age.

How To Define Task To Bloodhounds?

Defining the tasks to your Bloodhound can be a bit difficult if you are a first time owner. However, Bloodhound is a very intelligent breed which makes them curious about everything. Which is why grabbing their attention in one thing can be a bit difficult.

Bloodhound in Advance Obedience Training Class. Image Source – Instagram.

To define any task to your Bloodhound, you should always know best about their behavior and whether they are willing to perform the task or not. Furthermore, always use simple language as well as show them some demo using your hand. If your Bloodhound is not understanding the given task, them always motivate them and wait until they are willing to perform further.

Training Strategies

Before you start the training methods you should always know the strategies you will apply which can make the training process easier. Here are some effective strategies you can follow.

Be Consistent

Being consistent not only means you should be regular with the training. In addition, it also means that your family member may be rewarding your Bloodhound’s different behavior. When it comes to reward your pet you should always keep in mind that you and your family member reward your Bloodhound in same manner only. In this way, your pooch won’t get confused about which behavior gets the award.

Control The Environment

While training your Bloodhound, always choose a distraction free area. You can either choose kitchen or the yard. Make sure they don’t get distracted with their play toys or get tempted to chew them. However, when you decide to train them in the yard, don’t forget to keep your Bloodhound on leash, even a well-trained dog can get tempted with squirrel or cats.

Get Help

If you are finding your Bloodhound hard to train, or if he is showing signs of aggression or laziness during the training session, then you can always get help. Seek a renowned dog trainer who will help your pup get in line.

Training Methods

Positive Reinforcement

The theory of positive reinforcement is very simple. Your Bloodhound will follow the instruction if they are given a reward. Bad behavior does not get reward, but to correct the behavior simply remove the reward, like don’t offer them toys for certain periods. Remember, punishment doesn’t mean physical punishments or harsh reprimands.

Positive reinforcements needs consistency, therefore, every member in your family should know in what kind of behavior to reward your Bloodhound. In addition, offer them reward seconds after they perform the command. In this way, your Bloodhound will get motivated to the training.

Clicker Training

Clicker training can be taken as same as positive reinforcement method. In this method, you will use a device which makes a quick sharp sound to reward your Bloodhound instead of toys or treats.

Watch Zac George’s Tutorial on How To Use Clicker Training Method.

First of all, you should teach your Bloodhound that the click means a reward. Then your pet can associate between a reward and a task. But to make this method effective, you should not make the sound for bad behaviors.

Relationship-Based Training

Relationship based training method is not only a training methods but also defines what kind of relationship you have with your Bloodhound. You should know your Bloodhound’s body language, which reward will make them happy or how to reach your pet’s basic need before starting the training.

“My Mom’s a Comfy Cushion.” Image Source – Instagram.

This training method will lead you and your Bloodhound in a meaningful bond, thus, also requires time and patience to complete the session.

Therefore, these were some training methods and strategies which might be helpful for both you and your dog to thrive the training period.

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