The Bolognese Terrier is a lap dog breed that was originated in northern Italy. These energetic dogs are perfect companion dogs for every family because of their small size, cute and charming look.

In this article, you’ll learn how to train the calm and severe Bolognese Terrier.

When to Start Training Your Bolognese Terrier?

Before trying to find out when to start training your Bolognese Terrier, you should know that their training begins the moment you bring them home. If you already have an adult female Terrier and she gives birth to puppies, you can consider training them once they reach 5-6 weeks old.

Firstly, start with the house-training and basic obedience training as it is an important aspect in training a dog. Because the Bolognese Terriers were originally bred as lap dogs, they are very eager to please their masters.

While teaching basic commands, you can use the aid of treats as they can help your dog to stay focused. However, you should only feed them a small amount and be careful of not overfeeding them.

After your pooch reaches 4 months of age, you should immediately begin their advanced training. Making sure to continue the training until they become adults will ensure that they won’t forget the training.

Where to Start Training Your Bolognese Terrier?

Like with humans, the first school for Bolognese Terrier is also your house. You can train them basic commands and obedience training in the house while they’re young. Once they reach their adolescence, you can train them in your backyard for pre-agility training.

Training a Bolognese Terrier with 2 weeks residential training.

After your Bolognese Terrier masters all the basic commands, you can take them to a dog training center. Likewise, you can also teach them agility and advanced training in an open area if you’re an experienced dog trainer.

How to Define Tasks to Bolognese Terrier?

If you’re owning a dog for the first time, it might be a bit difficult and problematic for you to train Bolognese Terrier. The best way to define any task to your dog is to use hand gestures. Along with that, body gestures are another great way to help your pooch understand the task.

For a certain task, you can use your hand gesture and voice to define it to your dog. For instance, if you are teaching him/her to stay, you can wave your hand downwards saying ‘stay!’. But if you are teaching them a difficult task, you’ll have to demonstrate it to them and repeat until they copy your task.

Training Methods

Here are some training methods which will help you train your Bolognese Terrier better:

Positive Reinforcement

It is one of the best dog training methods in the world. This method implies that a dog will repeat a behavior or act if it’s followed by a reward. Make sure to treat your Terrier if it does the desired behavior. This will make them motivated to work hoping to get a tasty treat.

Alpha Dominance

Telling your dog that you are the boss of the pack is very important. You’ll have to establish dominance with your dog and make sure you run the show, not them.

You should establish leadership with your Bolognese Terrier.
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Mirror Training

The mirror training method is totally dependent on your dog’s ability to learn by observing. In this method, you’ll need another person acting as another dog.

What’ll you have to do is praise and reward them (human) for completing tasks or command and scolding them for any unwanted behavior. In turn, your Bolognese Terrier will learn what to do and what not to do, as an observer.

Training Strategies

The following training strategies work best for training your Bolognese Terrier:

Socialization: Socialization is one of the most important aspects of a Bolognese Terrier. As it is a family dog, it’ll need good socializing skills with people, kids, and other dogs. Therefore, you should let your dog know the surrounding environment and people from an early age.

Socializing your Bolognese Terrier is very important.
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Go Slow & Steady: It is very necessary to be steady and go slow while training any dog. No matter how smart and clever your dog is, you cannot expect them to learn ten commands in a single day. You should go with one task per day but make sure your dog masters them.

Leadership: You should maintain leadership with your dog and ensure that they follow and respect you. Before you start training your Bolognese Terrier, make sure you lead your dog and he’s patient enough to wait for your command before doing anything.

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