Bolognese Terrier is a small-sized dog breed that originated in northern Italy. These energetic dogs were created originally as lapdogs for people of all ages.

The Bolognese Terrier has a docile, loyal, and reserved temperament which makes it perfectly fit as a family companion. If you are planning to own one of this breed, you should know about the different development stages these dogs go through:

Newborn Stage

On average, the Bolognese Terrier puppies are born in a litter size of 2-5. At the time of birth, the puppies have their eyes sealed, are unable to hear, and have no teeth at all. The newborns are very weak and vulnerable at this stage making them totally dependent on their mother.

Keeping the puppies is very important as they cannot generation warmth on their own.

Bolognese Terrier puppies at their neonatal stage.

Neonatal Stage (0-3 Weeks Old)

During the first week of their life, the Bolognese Terrier puppies are so weak that they cannot even pee and poop on their own. So, their mother licks their bellies which helps to defecate by stimulating their bodies. Moreover, the mother keeps her pups warm by cozying up with them.

The puppies cannot eat anything except their mother’s milk as it provides the nutrition to develop their brain and body. So, it is best to leave the feeding job to their mom during this stage.

Transitional Stage (3-5 Weeks Old)

The transitional stage brings the exciting new changes in your Bolognese Terrier you surely wouldn’t want to miss. The mother and the littermate will have a big influence on the puppies. Their teeth will start developing and their eyes will open by the third week. Likewise, they are also able to hear for the first time.

By the 4th week, the somewhat vivid vision of the Bolognese Terrier puppies allows them to figure out their litter-mates and mother. When they become 5 weeks old, they will develop their own kind of vocabulary to communicate with their siblings. They will be able to taste semi-solid or liquid food items by the end of this stage.

Socialization Period (4-16 Weeks Old)

The socialization period is a very important stage for your Bolognese Terrier puppies. You’ll have to allow your puppies meet and understand other people and pets. This will ensure that they will develop good socializing skills and won’t be aloof with strangers.

5-6 weeks old Bolognese Terrier puppies playing with each other.

By the fifth week of their life, the Bolognese Terrier puppies require to play with their companions (both dogs and people). Between 4-12 weeks, they will learn play-bite with their littermates, explore their social boundaries as dogs. Similarly, they will need positive human interaction throughout this period as they will develop curiosity and fear regarding the surrounding environment.

Provide vaccination for Parvovirus and Distemper when your pup is 6-8 weeks old. Also, vaccination of DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis (adenovirus), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus) should be given when they are 10-12 weeks.

Juvenile Period (3-6 Months)

Juvenile Period, also known as the Ranking stage, is the period where the process of being a dog begins. The Bolognese Terrier puppies will have already learned submission and dominance among its pack or siblings. Moreover, teething and chewing are excessively seen so better keep your expensive shoes and clothes safe!

You should begin training your Bolognese puppies by the starting of this stage. If not agility training, you should at least make them master obedience and house training otherwise, they will misbehave in the future. In between this period, vaccinate your puppies with DHPP and Rabies vaccination.

Adolescence Period (6-12 Months Old)

Your Bolognese Terrier puppies will be hugely influenced by you and their pack. After entering adolescence, your pup might question your leadership and challenge you. But you’ll have to handle him/her properly and don’t let them misbehave with you. Make them know that you are their boss and they must follow you.

Bolognese Terrier puppies.
Image Source: Pet Paw

A Bolognese Terrier will have developed both physically and emotionally. They will also be sexually matured so better neuter or spay your female dog if you don’t want to rear puppies. A second chewing phase will begin when your dog is about 9 months old. So, you’ll again have to be prepared for it.

Social Maturity & Adulthood (Above 1 Years Old)

When your Bolognese Terrier reaches one year old, your dog will enter adulthood. They will have developed all the social skills and are ready to face the outer world with their experiences. You won’t need to worry about the socializing instincts of your dog anymore as they will be mature enough to take care of their own.

Vaccinating with DHPP and Rabbies vaccines is necessary every one year.

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