With long hairs and slanting ears, Border Collie is one of the most energetic and smartest breeds of all. They are known for their agility and quick learners. Watching them perform in a sport or agility competition is something you can’t miss to see.

If you want a dog who loves playing with you, is medium sized, easy to groom, intelligent and versatile then this breed is one of the best breed you can have. If you add a Collie there are certain things you need to know about the dog’s temperament and personality traits.

Shy Temperament of Border Collies

The working farm-dogs is best known for their ‘eyes’. Border Collies are working dogs and need a lot of exercises in their daily routine. Collies can work from sun up to sun down. If you adopt a Border Collie then you need to keep a close eye to your pet as they are a great escaper. They have been known to dig, jump or even open letches on fences to go out and explore the world.

Border Collie is not aggressive but is very shy due to which early socialization is very important to new experiences and people. Being shy and timid, their shyness can change into aggression with strangers if not checked properly. They are aggressive with other animals and small pets should not be introduced with your Collies. Which means, you should not have any other pets if you own a Border Collie.

First Agility Competition Of Riley The Border Collie.

Separation anxiety is very common in this breed. Because they need so much activities to stay happy, Border Collies will chew, bark, howl and dig when left alone for long period.

Training can be more frustrating, because they constantly think, analyze, and react to every tiny movement you make also they can be a bit high-strung and oversensitive to sound and touch.

What Kind of Personality Traits Do Border Collie Have?

Highly Intelligent

Border Collies are one of the most intelligent creatures. They are also quick learners and will pick up commands quickly when learning. Collies are not a back yard fenced dogs. They need a large fence which has enough space to run around. Otherwise, they will get destructive or aggressive when they are bored.

Border Collies Are Protective

Like any other herding and sheepdogs, Border Collies have a protective temperament towards their territory and family. The protective quality of this breed also makes them an excellent watchdogs. They will always alert their family when they notice anything new. Socializing frequently will help them to come out of shyness or aggression towards the strangers.

They Are Natural Athletes

Border Collies have the ability to shine in almost every performance activity including agility competitions, sheep-herding, obedience exercises, fly-ball, and most importantly frisbee.

Border Collies are natural athletes and their desire to learn new things and the quality to obey makes them the most competitive breed in canine sports.

They Are Natural Herders

Being bred as a working dogs, the Border Collies are natural herders. This instinct may lead them trying to herd children, animals, cars or even bicycle at a park or gathering. Always keep in mind that you should never leave you dog off its leash in an open area or else he may try to herd, chase or nip at people.

Do Border Collie Mix Well With Children?

The Border Collie can be a wonderful companion if raised properly. He gets along with children if raised with them. Due to their herding instinct, they may chase, nip or bark at kids.

As with every breed, you should teach your kids how to approach a dog. No dog no matter how friendly they are should never be left unsupervised with a child.

Are Border Collie Good Family Dogs?

The Border Collies are one of the most challenging breed to live with. They need sufficient attention from their owners or a job to do. Collies are workaholics and are not suitable dogs to home who needs a couch potato. They are guard dogs which will protect you and your family to the fullest.

To end up, Border Collie are the best breed for those who can give them enough time and exercise. Remember, the personality and temperament depends on how you raise them.

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