Borzoi is a large, beautiful dog breed with aloof nature. They are very sensitive, calm, and dignified dogs, who expects its owner to have the same nature.

Borzois are hound dogs, as being one, they can be quite challenging to train. These dogs can have their own mindset at times. However, here are some easy techniques and methods you can use while training your new pet, Borzoi.

When Should You Start The Training Your Borzoi?

Training depends upon you and your pet. Whenever you feel it’s the right time to train your puppy, you can start off. You can start training your Borzoi the moment you bring them home.

The right age you can train them is at the eighth week. During the eight week your Borzoi puppy are more socialized to the surrounding as well as the people around you.

Borzoi can be taught basic training until they are a little older. However, training a Borzoi puppy requires a lot of patience and positive reinforcements. You should always be ready to motivate your puppy.

Where Should Your Start The Training?

You can always start the training at your home. Be it inside the living room or your yard, either way, is fine. All you need to focus on is, whether your Borzoi puppy is comfortable or not. Training at your own house is the best way your canine will thrive as they are familiar with the surrounding.

How To Define Task To Borzoi?

Defining the task to Borzoi can be challenging. As the breed is quite aloof and has their mindset of their own. These kinds of dogs require a lot of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Go slow while defining the task to Borzoi dogs. They might not thrive on your first command, but that totally okay! Give yourself some time as well as your hound dog, and repeat the command gently.

Showing hand gestures can help while defining the task. When you command them to sit, simply, open your paw and direct them to sit. As soon as they perform the task, do not forget to reward them. Rewarding helps to grab their attention and thirst to perform even more correctly.

Training Methods

Clicker Training

Clicker training is just another form of positive reinforcement, which is also simple and effective dog training process. Instead of giving your Borzoi his favorite toy or treat to reward them, you will actually use the device which makes the sharp ‘click’ noise while training.

Clicker Training by Zac George.

First thing you need to do is, you should make Borzoi familiar with sound. Therefore, teach your dog that the sharp noise is a reward. Then only your Borzoi can associate with the task. However, to make this training success, never use the sound for negative behavior.

Leash Training

Every dog should be trained to walk on a leash. It is very important for their safety as well as people or other animals around them. First, introduce leash to Borzoi and start walking short distance with a loose leach around the neck.

Watch Zac George’s Leash Training Video.

Do not pull your dog on a leash when they are not willing to walk on the direction you want them to. Pulling the leash will make a negative impact on Borzoi. However, just, pat them or show them love when they successfully cover the distance without any bad behavior.

Socialization Training

Socializing your dog is very important. You should start this training when your Borzoi are still a puppy. Socializing your dog with the outer world helps to develop personality in them.

Borzoi Dog Sleeping With Her Cat Friend. Image Source – Instagram.

Since Borzois have aloof kind of nature, they can sometimes be wary of strangers walking on the road or even with other animals. So, it is very important that you socialize them with people as well as other animals at an early age. A socialized dog is generally known as well-behaved dogs.

Training Tips

While training your dog, you should always apply some strategies to make sure they perform the right way or you teach them in a right way.

Keep It Fun and Short

If you keep the training period short and upbeat, training can always be fun for you as well as for your Borzois. Once the dogs are well acquainted with the training, they will take it as a playtime.

Avoid Harsh Behavior

Behaving harshly, scolding or smacking them with a rolled newspaper is never a solution. Remember, dogs can read your body language far better than humans. So, do not lose your patience while training Borzois. They are very sensitive dogs and will need a lot of encouragement and care from their owners.

Be Consistent

You should always train the Borzois in a consistent manner. Training should not only be a process for dogs, it should be a discipline and a daily routine. Remember, training is for as long as your dog lives.

In addition, being consistent also means, everyone in the family should reward the same behavior. Giving them reward on different behavior may confuse your dog on which behavior they are getting the rewards.

In conclusion, it can be really frustrating when your dog doesn’t perform the task you give them. However, training is all about patience not only for Borzois, for you as well.

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