Bouvier des Flandres are well-mannered giant dogs. Despite their size, these dogs are actually very cuddly and calm. However, their personality depends on how you train them.

Training is a very essential part of the dog’s life. Training defines their personality and the way they are living. So, if you are thinking of petting this large breed, Bouvier des Flandres then here are some tips and methods on how to train them.

When and Where To Start The Training?

The right age to start the training of Bouvier des Flandres is when they reach 8 weeks old. By this time they will be able to understand the command and gestures you make.

At the beginning of the training, be very calm and take it slow. You know that it is a totally new routine for Bouvier des Flandres so they may be unwilling to perform the task.

Do you need and answer to the question, where to start the training? You can simply start it at your own house. Yes, in your own house or even in your kitchen. The thing you need to consider is, keep out all the things that will distract the mind of your Bouvier des Flandres while training such as their toys and food.

Second thing is, if you want to train them outside at your backyard, then be very careful as these dogs will tend to get distracted with other animals like squirrels and cats. As these dogs were bred as herding dogs, it is their instinct to chase other animals.

How To Define Task To Bouvier des Flandres?

Defining the task for Bouvier des Flandres can be quite hard for first-time owners. These breeds need confident, strong, and consistent leaders.

These breeds have sometimes mind of their own. They can have strong-willed nature which makes hard to train them. Furthermore, positive reinforcements and constant motivation might help.

Bouvier des Flandres are very intelligent dogs. They can easily understand the command, however, you need to be patient and go slow while explaining them the task. Use verbal commands and hand gestured to make it easier.

You need to be very consistent with their training. Bouvier des Flandres need to be socialized with other animals and people as well to thrive on the training session.

Training Methods

The following are some easy training methods you can apply while training a Bouvier des Flandres.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the best method for every breed. It works well with the Bouvier since these breeds sometimes have mindset of their own. Positive reinforcement encourages the owner and the dog to have positive attitude while training.

Praising constantly, encouraging and giving them treats helps Bouvier des Flandres to get motivated. They will try to do all the commands correctly expecting the same behavior from their owner.

Rival Based Training

Rival based training means increasing competition keeping their owner or any person as an opponent.

Rival Based Training.

In this training you will take help of other people or the trainer will use the owner to perform the task. Eventually, the other person will complete the task properly and gets praised.

Seeing this, the Bouvier des Flandres will feel insecure and gets focused on doing the task correctly.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is also same as positive reinforcement training. In this method, you will use a device which makes a sound ‘click’ when the Bouvier completes the given task.

Victoria Stillwell’s Tutorial on Clicker Training.

You can encourage and praise your Bouvier des Flandres by using the sound instead of treats. However, you should first train them that the sharp noise means praise or treats.

Training Tips and Strategies

  • Training means a daily routine. So, when you train your Bouvier des Flandres, you should set a routine. Setting a routine can help them get habituated about their training period. It will more like a discipline than a training session.
  • While training your Bouvier des Flandres, never punish or act rude with them. This will simply demotivate them towards the training. Always have patience while training your dog.
  • Bouvier des Flandres are calm and well-mannered dogs. But if you raise your voice to them they might not just act like that. If they don’t get what you command, simply wait for a while and repeat the instructions.

In conclusion, training a dog may take time but its not impossible. Patience and consistency is all you need as well as your Bouvier des Flandres.

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