Boykin Spaniel is gun dogs. They are intelligent and full of energy. These dogs are happiest when they are given some tasks. This means, owning these breeds can be a little challenging for first-time owners. They need a lot of exercise and attachments.

Training a Boykin Spaniel helps to enhance the best behavior out of them. There are various strategies and methods you can apply while training a Boykin Spaniel.

When and Where To Train Boykin Spaniel?

Start training your Boykin Spaniel when they are eight weeks old. By this age, your dog will be mature enough to soak up what you say and what you teach them. However, start with some basic commands with patience.

Boykin Spaniel Playing. Image Source – Dog Appy.

Take them to agility training and advance obedience classes when they reach the age of 4 months old. By this time, your Boykin Spaniel would have mastered the basic house training.

You can always start training your Boykin Spaniel at your home. You can use the space in your kitchen, living room, or your backyard. Likewise, when your pup becomes familiar with the training and is a bit older then you can take them to dog parks or even puppy kindergarten.

How To Define Task To Boykin Spaniel?

Defining tasks can be easier as Boykin Spaniel is a quick learner. However, defining any task to your pet, first, you need to master yourself on how to teach and give commands to your pooch. As long as you don’t know the techniques, you shouldn’t expect anything from your Boykin Spaniel.

Boykin Spaniel Hunting Ducks. Image Source – Instagram.

Understand your dog’s behavior before starting the training session. Help them understand the commands using hand gestures and body language. Your Boykin Spaniel may not understand the commands at first but continue teaching them patiently and they will thrive the training at some point of the session.

Training Methods To Apply For Boykin Spaniel

Following are some easy training method you can apply while training a Boykin Spaniel.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a kind of dog training which works with every dog breed. It basically encourages positive behavior of both Boykin Spaniel and the owner as well.

Kisses From My Mom. Image Source – Instagram.

It means you should reward your Boykin Spaniel for their positive response to the training. The reward simply helps to develop the curiosity and keenness towards the training session. However, remember not to reward any of their negative behavior.

Alpha Dog Or Dominance

Usually, when your Boykin Spaniel starts to grow up, they become more confident and independent. Likewise, it is very important that you make them realize that you are the alpha of the house and not them.

Boykin Spaniel are affectionate breeds who constantly needs your attention and love. If they are not given the training of submission an dominant then it is likely that they will try to dominate you.

Leash Training

Leash training is very important for Boykin Spaniel. As you know they were bred to hunt, they get curious and weary at a short moment of time. It is important that you tie a leash around them if you don’t want your dogs to run away in parks chasing other animals.

Boykin Spaniel On Leash. Image Source – Instagram.

First try to walk shorter distance with your Boykin Spaniel. Similarly, you can also practice the leash training at your backyard with a loose leash at first. Your Boykin Spaniel will eventually get used to the leash.

Training Strategies and Techniques

Only knowing the training methods is not enough for you to train your Boykin Spaniel. You should know some training strategies to apply if your methods don’t work.

  • Start the training session with shorter time. Longer training session can be boring for Boykin Spaniel.
  • Be consistent with the training. It is more like a discipline for Boykin Spaniels rather than training.
  • Always have a calm and patient mind while training Boykin Spaniels.
  • If you use harsh punishments to Boykin Spaniel they will simply lose interest towards the training. As they are affectionate to the owner, they might get depressed.
  • Reward your dog if they complete the task. However, it doesn’t mean giving them treats only, you can also reward them by giving them their favorite toys or whatever makes your pooch happy.

In conclusion, these were some training methods along with the strategies. Hope you would apply while training your furry friend, Boykin Spaniel.

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