The Bracco Italiano, also called Italiano Pointer is developed by the mix of Egyptian Hound and Mastiff dog. They were originally bred to drive prey to the net and flush birds for falconers.

The United Kennel Club recognized this breed in 2006. The American Kennel Club has not recognized this breed yet (as of March 2019) but Bracco Italiano has been kept under Foundation Stock Service group since 2001.

The Bracco Italiano average height is between 22-26 inches and the weight is between 55-90 pounds. The coat is short and shiny which comes in white, white and chestnut, white and orange with Roan markings. Bracco Italiano has a powerful appearance with well developed muscled.

Temperament of Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano is a gentle, protective, affectionate and intelligent dog who is protective of their family. They love to hunt and are also a great family companion. They are quiet and calm when at home but are very active and energetic when they are outdoor. It thrives on family company and wants to be with them most of the time. They will snuggle in bed with you, follow you around the house and participate in the household work.

Behavior: Bracco Italiano love to be with his family most of the time and want their company. They attach a strong bond with their family and if they are left alone for a long time, they will face separation anxiety. It will show destructive behavior by biting, chewing stuff. So, they should not be left alone for a long time.

Activity Requirement: Bracco Italiano is a highly energetic dog that needs regular exercise. They should be taken out for a walk, run and for canine sports to keep their body fit. With a good amount of exercise, they will have good mental stimulation. Take your Brocco out to play, walk and do some household work and them in agility training.

Bracco Italiano Personality

Bracco Italiano is sweet and loving towards their family and are also very protective of them. They are intelligent and friendly who loves the company of other pets. Bracco get along with other pets quiet well and makes a good friend with them. However they might be aggressive towards same sex dog.

Training: Training Bracco Italiano is quite difficult as they are independent and stubborn who like to do things on their own. However, with consistency and establishing strong leadership will help in training. Use positive methods of training which includes treats, lots of word praise and a gentle pat on their back to encourage and motivate them.

Bracco Italiano Pointer Hunting

Is Bracco Italiano Child-Friendly?

Bracco Italiano is very tolerant of children, so they get along with them very well. However, they might not get friendly with children they don’t know. They should be kept on a leash whenever taking out in the presence of children.

Bracco Italiano Pointer is child friendly
Image Source: instagram- @jessicaloades

What makes Bracco Italiano Aggressive?

Bracco Italiano generally is not an aggressive dog. They get along with people and even with pets well. However, if they are provoked, they might be aggressive like any other dogs. Using harsh words and force hand can make them defensive leading to aggression. So, be gentle and loving towards them.

How Does Bracco Italiano Behave Around Strangers?

Bracco Italiano is welcoming of strangers and are friendly towards them. However, if they sense some suspicious behavior of the strangers, they might bark at them warning their master. Other than that, Bracco Italiano is usually friendly with strangers.

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