The Azawakh is a South African Sighthound, originated from the countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. The height of male Azawakh is 23-29 inches and female is 24-28 inches. Whereas, the weight of the male is 20-25 kgs and female is 15-20 kgs.

They have a short coat which comes in a variety of colors. Azawakh has a lean physique and walks so swiftly and elegantly that it draws the attention of people walking by.

The Azawakh is very proud and independent but is extremely loyal, protective, gentle and affectionate to its family. They develop a strong bond with one particular member of the family. It is an active dog who needs to exercise regularly to stay conditioned.

When and Where to Start Training your Pet?

Azawakh does not like changing his owner, so, they should be brought home when he is a puppy. Early training is always best for any puppies as it will prevent behavioral problems when they get adult. Gentle training should be started from 7-8 weeks of age for Azawakh Breed.

Training your Azawakh can be done on an open area, fenced yard or in a big room. However, precaution should be taken while training them outdoors. They have a strong chasing tendency for small animals so while training outdoors, they should be trained on leash.

How to Define the Task for your Pet?

Azawakh is an independent and dominant dog. Therefore, they are hard to train. You need to be a leader for them and should have a lot of patience. You should start teaching your dogs with some basic words. Use one word for one task like sit, down, stand and stay. Do not confuse your dog with the use of a variety of words for one task.

You should understand your Azawakh body language and also teach them to understand your body language. Use lots of hand gesturing to define the task for them. Point up and down for him to stand and sit. Put your palm in front to make them stay. Again, do not confuse them with different hand gesturing for a certain task. Use one hand gesture to define a particular task.

The Training Process

Training Azawakh is not a easy task to do as they are dominant and are strong willed dog. They thrive for a leader and you need to assure him that you are a pack leader, otherwise he will take over.

Agility Training Azawakh

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the best technique for training your Azawakh. Reward him with treats and toys when he completes a certain task. Verbal praises and a gentle pat will encourage your Azawakh and they will be willing to please you more.

Pack Leader

Azawakh can be dominant and if they are not ensured that you are his leader, he will not listen to you. Therefore, you should form a leadership impression upon him.

Just because you are his leader, it doesn’t mean that you have to treat him harshly and forcefully. If you became hard upon him, he will become scared and aggressive. So, treat him with patience and gentleness.

Azawakh with his Owner
Image Source: instagram-@Alpineruff


Azawakh is a guard dog and they are aloof and reserved around strangers. Therefore, an early socialization is very helpful to control their aggression and be friendly around strangers.

Including Fun Games

Verbal training for a long time can be boring for your Azawakh. So, include some interesting and fun mind games on his training session. You can include hide & seek, fetch, find the treats and things. This will keep them entertain and sharpen their mind.

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