Bracco Italiano was bred as gundogs. These breeds are very agile, alert, and stubborn as well. Bracco Italiano needs proper training to behave positively.

These dogs are highly intelligent and stubborn as well. That’s why you need to take charge and be confident while training them. Otherwise, they will try to dominate you.

Nevertheless, here are some training methods and techniques to apply while training a Bracco Italiano dog.

When and Where to Train Bracco Italiano?

Bracco Italiano should be trained when they are still a puppy. Therefore, the best age to start their training is when they are eight weeks old. Until, then they are very young to understand any commands.

Having said that, this doesn’t mean that Bracco Italiano will understand your commands right away when they are eight weeks old. You will need to be very patient while training these dogs.

Now, the best place to train Bracco Italiano is at your home. They will thrive during the training session if they are trained at the familiar surrounding. Bracco feel comfortable around their own people. However, when your pet is older enough to thrive the training session, you can send them to advance training classes.

How To Define Task To Bracco Italiano?

Bracco Italiano are very intelligent breed. They are both easy to train and hard to train as well. If you are not the first time dog owner, then it will be easier to train them. However, if you are the first time owner or not confident while training the Bracco then it might get difficult to train them.

Bracco Italiano need high motivation while training. Positive reinforcement is the method to apply if you want your pet to thrive during training session. This will help to build a positive attitude toward the training session.

Training Methods

There are various types of training methods to apply while training Bracco Italiano. However, these are some top picks which are easy and trustworthy while training them.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is about motivating and encouraging your dog. It works while training because, if you praise or reward your dog on their success of the command then they will be more encouraged to perform new tasks.

Positive Reinforcement Training With Victoria Stilwell.

Whenever, your Bracco Italiano performs the task, reward them with treat, toys or praise them as soon as possible. Doing this will help them to keep their interest during the training session.

Relationship Based Training

Relationship based training means building and forming a close relationship with your pet. Bracco Italiano are very sensitive when it comes to their owner. They love spending time with their loved ones.

It also means, understanding your dog’s behavior and what it needs. Furthermore, the relationship based training is also effective for both teaching new behaviors or changing the current behavior.

In other words, it is also important to understand that every interaction is a learning process, so every time you interact with your Bracco Italiano you are training them, even if you don’t intend to.

Alpha Dog or Dominance Method

Alpha dog or dominance means dogs are pack animals like their wolf ancestors. As being a pack animals, they need a strong alpha to lead the pack. And of course! the alpha should be you.

Generally, in alpha training you go first at whatever you do. Like, eating before your dog, entering or leaving the room first and many other activities. This training helps the Bracco Italiano to understand that they are not the alpha of the house but you are.

By being an alpha doesn’t mean being rude to your dog. It often creates problems while the owner is practicing alpha dog training method. You should follow this training process following positive behavior and reward.

Training Strategies

As already said, Bracco Italiano are often stubborn and have a mindset of their own. However, applying the following strategies might help you to continue the training process.

Go slow : Always go slow while training your Bracco Italiano. They are sensitive and stubborn as well. This is why you need to have patience while training them.

Understand your dog’s behavior : Understanding your dogs behavior and body language helps in training session. By this you will know what your dog wants which will help you to continue the training according to their behavior.

Find out what motivates your dog : Motivating your dog is an essential part of the training session. Reward your pet with what makes them happy the most.

To summarize, breed like Bracco Italiano need to be trained from a tender age. They need to be disciplined otherwise, they will take no time to dominate you.

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