The demand for Red Poodles is increasing day by day across Asia as the rare and unique coated dog is gaining popularity. The increasing demand of the red poodles has increased the breeding of the puppies by a huge margin.

But is breeding Red Poodles excessively bringing adverse effects on the puppies? Yes, research has shown that the Red Poodle puppies that are born due to improper breeding are born with genetic defects and mutations.

Is breeding Red Poodle wrong?

No, breeding Red Poodle is not wrong at all. What is wrong is that many backyard breeders produce the red poodle puppies through improper breeding in the greed of a high amount of money.

A Poodle puppy sleeping.
Image Source: Click2Houston

The selfish and greedy backyard breeders breed unhealthy and mutant puppies of red poodle through improper/mismatched breeding. After that, they sell those puppies to unsuspecting customers that don’t have any idea of pure breed puppies.

Research about breeding Red Poodle

Research has shown that the increasing demand of the Red Poodle has led to various improper breeding by unskilled backyard breeders. What happens due to this is that it results in the puppies in numerous birth defects and deformation.

According to Dogtime, breeders breed the Red Poodles in need of creating the special physical characteristic of the red coat. This often results in sick or deformed puppies.

Is breeding Red Poodle a Mistake?

No, the breeding of Red Poodle is not a mistake by any aspect. Some bad breeders have made the breeding of Red Poodle a very bad game and have made other breeders afraid to breed.

If you breed and produce puppies of the Red Poodle with good and proper breeding, then there is nothing to be afraid of. What you should consider is that you should use pure and healthy dogs to produce healthy red puppies.

Genetic defects in Red Poodle puppies

Due to the bad and improper breeding of various backyard breeders, the Red Poodle puppies are born with various birth defects and malformations. The puppies are usually born with weak immune systems, physical deformations, and short life span.

A Red Poodle being examined.
Image Source: The Spruce Pets

Researchers say that they have seen poorly-bred puppies without eyes and missing legs. In some cases, they have even found that puppies are born with brain development issues.

How does the Red Poodle trend bring genetic defects in puppies?

The demand of the Red-coated Poodle has attracted the backyard sellers to produce the puppies in the greed of top dollar. So, they breed unhealthy and impure breeds in order to obtain the Ped-coated Poodle. As a result, the puppies are born with birth defects and deformations such as mismatched legs, weak immune system, etc.

Most of the inexperienced breeders often end up producing physically and neurological puppies though they obtain their desired red coat in the puppies. Therefore, the trend of red poodle has led to various defects and deformations in the puppies.

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