Briard is filled with positive attitudes. These breeds are loyal and compatible with all types of families. Yet, all dogs need to be trained to make a better companion in the house.

Briard can be both easy to train or hard to train. Therefore, it depends on you how you use the training strategies and training methods while training your pet.

When and Where To Start The Training?

Start training your Briard when they are about 8 weeks old. You can start with basic training commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. However, always take it slow while training your pet.

Briard Dog Playing. Image Source – Instagram.

Briard can be trained either at home or you can send them to puppy training classes also. Nonetheless, your pet may feel comfortable and sage when they are trained at a known surrounding. In addition, they may thrive more if they are trained by their loved ones.

How To Define Task To Briard?

While defining a task to Briard, keep it simple and short. Before starting the training session, you have to be confident and consistent. It is you who is the leader of the training session.

They might be easy to train but not always. It depends on their mood and how you have been training them. Briard can be stubborn at times but instead of punishing your pet, motivate and encourage them.

Training Process

Positive Reinforcements

Positive reinforcements always works with any breed. This process works with Briard because it encourages good behavior rather than any harsh punishments.

Briard With It’s Favorite Toy. Image Source – Instagram.

When you are working on training a dog, then punishments never work. To get the best result from training, always stick to rewarding them with treats and their favorite toys but for an acceptable behavior.

Leash Training

Leash training is very important for Briard. These dogs can get curious and stubborn at the same place, so you may want your dog to walk on leash.

Briard Walking On Leash. Image Source – Instagram.

While introducing a leash to your Briard, try shorter distance at first. Later, when your dog tend to master the training, you can take them to parks and even attach their leash on your bike. Nevertheless, a Briard should always know how to walk on leash.

Alpha Dog or Dominance

Alpha dog means, that your Briard sees you as a member of his pack. However, he may also think that he is the alpha of the house. In addition, our Briard may want to dominate you.

In this training, you should teach your Briard that they are not the alpha of the house but you are. Teach them submission instead of being dominant. Acts such as, eating before your dog, not allowing them on the furniture might help.

Training Strategies and Techniques

These are some strategies to apply while training a Briard :

  • Give them their own space. Meaning, giving your Briard their own bed and space to play might help them to feel comfortable in their own territory.
  • Avoid punishment and harsh voice tones. It will simply lead to demotivation and stubbornness. Instead, use positive reinforcements.
  • Make a strong bond between you and your pet. Strengthening bond also helps maintain the relationship and in a training sessions as well.

To wrap up, training should always start with positive attitude. Instead of expecting more from your Briard, educate yourself on how to train them in a proper way.

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