To help the Carolina puppies grow happy and healthy, it is very important to be aware of the fact, what they need in every development stage of their life.

Here are all the information about the Carolina puppies starting at birth to one years old.

Neonatal Stage: 0 to 2 Weeks

From birth to two weeks old Carolina puppies are totally dependent upon their mother for food and care. The senses of touch and taste are present during this stage.

During the Neonatal period, the Carolina puppies have limited movement and only short and weak crawls. The puppies should be kept in a warm place to protect them from hypothermia.

Transitional Stage: 2 to 4 Weeks

From two to four weeks, the eyes of the Carolina puppies start to open and the sight will be well developed by week five. In addition, the baby’s teeth will start emerging and at the same time, the senses of hearing and smell develop.

The Carolina puppies now become more aware of their company and start to interact with their littermates and mother. Moreover, you will now see your puppies taking baby steps and wagging their tiny tails.

Socialization Stage: 4 to 12 Weeks

Socialization is the golden stage for Carolina puppies. Since Carolina dogs have independent personality traits, these breed needs to be socialized at an early age.

Offer solid foods to the Carolina puppies when they are around 3-4 weeks. At first, offer them small amounts of solid foods just to make them comfortable and used to. However, by the time Carolina puppies are eight weeks old, they should be capable of eating solid food.

Some basic training should be started as soon as they reach eight weeks old. It is very essential for Carolina puppies to be trained from an early age. Furthermore, socialize them with other animals and humans as well.

Ranking Stage: 3 to 6 Months

During this stage, the puppies will have behavior changes and start developing personality traits and independent nature. The Carolina puppies will be influenced by their littermates and by human company as well.

It is very important that you correct their wrong behavior as soon as you can during this stage. Otherwise, it will stay with them forever. In addition, the Carolina puppies will grow vocal during the ranking stage.

The Carolina Puppies.

The Carolina puppies will go through the fear stage as they will experience various types of sounds, meet people and experience new environments. Such behavior can be controlled with encouragement and positive behavior.

During 3 to 6 months old, you start noticing the changes in the Carolina puppies. They start to grow stronger and grow rapidly. In addition, they will have the puppy energy which you can utilize in the training.

The Carolina puppies start to rank the people and animals among them. You should never let your Carolina puppy dominate you. Behavior such as dominating and stubborn should be corrected immediately.

Adolescence: 16 to 18 Months

Now that your Carolina puppy reaches the age of an adult, they will no longer look like puppies anymore. Yet, the have the rambunctious filled inside them.

Do not stop training and socializing the Carolina dogs. Send them to advanced training centers if you want your dog to act acceptable and comfortable in the public places.

Adult Carolina Dog. Image Source – American Kennel Club

Now the Carolina dogs starts developing sexual behavior. The females will come to season for the first time during this stage. If you want to spay or neuter your dog you can start from this stage.

Vaccination Chart For Carolina Dog

6 to 8 WeeksParvovirus, distemper
10 to 12 WeeksDHPP (vaccines for parvovirus, adenovirus, parinfluenza, and distemper)
16 to 18 WeeksDHPP, rabies
Every 1 to 2 YearsDHPP
Every 1 to 3 YearsRabies (as required by law)
Vaccination Chart.

How Much Do Vaccination Cost?

The price of the vaccination is between 75-100$. However, it also depends upon the area you live in and the vet as well.

What Diseases Can Puppy Vaccination Prevent?

  • Kennel cough
  • Canine distemper
  • Canine parvovirus
  • Lyme
  • Rabies

To conclude, having puppies is full of excitement and joy. However, it is also full of responsibilities. Give them necessary care and love for them to return the same thing to you. Remember, puppy growth and behavior relies upon how you treat and train them.

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