Carolina dogs are indigenous of the United States which are rare and primitive. These dogs are medium-sized agile and independent. The Carolina dog is often called the American Dingo, the Yaller, and the Yellow dog.

These dogs are still found in the wild in some parts of Georgia and South Carolina.

In addition, these dogs are new to domesticity. However, if you want to add a Carolina dog to your family, then here is some information regarding their temperament and personality.

Temperament and Personality of Carolina Dogs

Carolina dogs are very loyal to their owners. They are wary of strangers which makes them great watchdogs.

They may not be highly affectionate like other dogs, but they love their owners and are always ready to please them.

“Still A Mamma’s Boy”. Image Source – Instagram.

The Carolina dogs are gentle, resourceful, sturdy, brave, and cunning. These dogs are natural hunters and can adapt on any climate or lifestyle easily.

Moreover, the Carolina dog has always been a pack dog, hence, isolation would not work with this dog. If you cannot give them enough company then this dog is surely not for you.


The Carolina dog are highly intelligent yet a stubborn streak. They are an independent dogs hunting on their own for hundreds of years. And may have mind of their own at times.

Carolina Dog Hiking With Its Owner. Image Source – Instagram.

Due to Carolina dog’s stubborn nature, training might not be that easy. However, they are always ready to please their owners. Therefore, using positive reinforcement, motivational words and encouraging might help during training.

Are Carolina Dog Aggressive?

No, Carolina dogs are not aggressive. They are wary and suspicious of strangers but not aggressive. Carolina dogs would never attack any strangers but watch them suspiciously.

Squirrels? Image Source – Instagram.

Since the Carolina have the history of living in the wild, they are quite socialized with all kinds of animals. They will thrive in the house which has dogs as his friends.

While they are good with other dogs, in the same way they should be watched around small animals. Carolina dogs have high prey drive ingrained in their DNA.

Are Carolina Dog Child-Friendly?

The Carolina dogs are good around children. They love playing with children especially those who treat them well and consider a part of their family.

Carolina Dog Having a Good Time With Its Friend. Image Source – Instagram.

Carolina are sturdy dogs. So it is important that you watch them when they are playing with your children. There can be times when Carolina might play rough and can harm your child unintentionally. Similarly, you should train your child how to behave with the Carolina dog.

Care Needed

  • The Carolina Dog should get daily exercise of at least 60 minutes.
  • Trim the nails twice a month.
  • Brush their teeth three times a week to maintain their oral health.

In conclusion, Carolina dog need to live with their human pack. They are not a kind of a dog who will enjoy the alone time. Even though they lived in the wild in the past, still they should kept indoors with their loved ones.

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