The Cesky Terrier a small-sized dog breed that has a long body compared to its short legs. This breed was bred as a hunting dog which would hunt vermin. It is a lively dog with high hunting instinct, so if there are small rats and birds in the house, Cesky is not recommended.

Due to Cesky Terrier gentle, happy, and sweet behavior, any owner can bring this dog home. You do not have to be an experienced dog owner to include this breed in your family member. It also does best in a small apartment because of its size and moderate exercise needs.

Temperament of Cesky Terrier

The temperament of the Cesky Terrier is calm, quiet, and cheerful. This breed loves to play and needs a owner who is not lazy. Compare to other terriers, Cesky is calm and rarely nervous. It is also not much of a barker which most dos are when excited, so expect him to be quiet most of the time.

As this is a hunting dog, you will see him chasing small birds, squirrels in the yard or in the park. You cannot train this traits out of him because it is born to be a hunting dog. Therefore, to keep other small animals safe, supervise him and keep him on a leash while taking out in a park.

Cesky Terrier searching for its prey
Cesky Terrier searching for its prey.
Image Source: Vetstreet

Personality of the Cesky Terrier

The Cesky terrier has a loving, happy, and energetic personality. It is also a cuddling buddy that loves to cuddle with its family. This breed can be a handful sometimes because of ears high energy. It will chase small animals, retrieve balls or anything they find. Therefore proper training for good behavior and manner is necessary.

While training it, start as soon as you bring it home. early the training, easier will it be to train them. It needs a firm hand and a consistent leader. Always use positive methods of training because they are very much likely to respond to positive reinforcement.

Is Cesky Terrier Child-Friendly?

Yes, the Cesky Terrier is very much suited in a family with children. They love kids and are caring and playful towards them. They are gentle with children and are not said to be aggressive towards kids. However, close supervision is always necessary as accidents might occur.

What Makes Cesky Terrier Aggressive?

The Cesky Terrier is not known to be an aggressive breed. In fact, they are very calm and loving. You can see their aggression only at the time hen someone provokes them.

Other than that it is a gentle breed whose aggression depends on the environment you have raised him.

Cesky Terrier training in the woods
Cesky Terrier training in the woods.
Image Source: Animals.NET

How Does Cesky Terrier Behave Around Strangers?

You will see your Cesky Terrier reserved around strangers. They are quiet but are polite around them.

Although their politeness does not come from birth. You have to train them and socialize them from an early age. Otherwise, they can be fearful of strangers.

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