The Cesky Terrier is a unique-looking, small-sized dog breed that was created for hunting vermin. It is of gentle, calm, and loving temperament that does well with a novice dog owner.

Training Cesky Terrier should be started as soon as you bring the puppy home. They are highly energetic and are in the best time for training. In this article, you will learn about methods and strategies to use to train this dog.

When to Start Training Cesky Terrier Dog?

Training Cesky Terrier should be started from a very early age when they are eager to please their owner. When the puppy reaches the age of 6-8 weeks, start from basics like obedience training, potty, and socialization training.

If they are not given any training at this age, you will not be able to train an adult Cesky Terrier. They will become stubborn and hard to train.

Cesky Terrier basic training
Cesky Terrier basic training.
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When the Cesky Terrier reach adulthood, start advance training like agility and other advance tricks. It is an energetic breed that loves new games and challenges. Therefore, keep their body active and mind stimulated with advance training.

Where to Start Training Cesky Terrier Dog?

Cesky Terrier is a small-sized breed that does not require a lot of space for training. You can teach them basics like obedience training, commands at the comfort of home with no distraction. You can take them out in the park for agility and other new tricks.

However, keep them on a leash while taking them out. Since it is a hunting dog, it might easily get distracted from moving things around and might run off chasing it.

How to Define Task for Cesky Terrier?

The Cesky Terrier does not understand the human language, so defining task to communicate with them is important. If you want your dog to do certain thing, you need to explain them through your hand gesture, body along with speaking. To make your dog sit, you can keep a treat in one hand and slowly move your hand up telling him to sit.

Training Process

Cesky Terrier is a trainable dog. It does not required an experienced dog owner. A novice owner who is consistent and patient will make a good leader to this dog.

Leadership: Establishing leadership is very important to train your Cesky Terrier. If your dog takes you as his master, it is very likely to obey you and follow your lead. Therefore, you should be a firm and consistent leader.

Obedience Training: It is a very important part of the training method. teaching your Cesky Terrier to obey and respect you is making him a well-mannered and obedient dog. Once, your dog starts respecting you, it will stop when you say no to him right away to a certain thing it is doing.

Cesky Terrier Obedience Training.

Positive Reinforcement: The best method to use in training your Cesky Terrier is the positive method of training. They tend to respond well to treats, vocal and physical praises. Therefore, after your dog complete a certain task, reward them with treats. It will keep them motivated.

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