Cur refers to the nameless dogs of low class which are the dogs of mixed-breeds. Cur previously referred to a certain short-tailed English-purpose breed. But today, Cur refers to the dogs of mixed-breed.

As per the dog experts, Cur is a group of several closely connected North American treeing hounds. And some of these breeds have also achieved breed recognition.

Origin & History

Since Cur is a group of nameless dog breeds, there is no specific information regarding the origin of it. However, breeds that belong to this group have a specific origin and history.

Are the Cur dogs child-friendly?

The answer can be both yes and no. As there are various breeds that belong to this group, they can each vary in their own manners. Some might be very child-friendly whereas some might not be. So, it depends on the breed and their characteristics which affects the fact that if the breed is child-friendly or not.

Behavior, Temperament & Personality

Behavior and temperament of the Cur dogs also vary according to breeds. As the breeds are obtained by the mixture of two breeds, behavioral traits and temperament of the dogs are to be different.

A Cur dog in a hoodie. Image Source: [email protected]

Commonly, most of the cur dogs are friendly, intelligent, loyal and easygoing. In addition, some of them are also decisive and dauntless. And these dogs are very much suited to be calm and sweet around people and other dogs. Affectionate is something that should not be missed to describe these dogs.

Talking about personality, the majority of the cur dogs are elegant, fearless, strong and courageous. While some dogs like Stephen Cur and Black Mouth Cur are dauntless, energetic and mellow. To conclude, behavior and temperament of the cur dogs vary according to the breeds.


While training is an essential part of every dog, it is very necessary to consider their behavior and temperament. Keeping that in mind, different breeds that belong to the cur group also have different trainability characteristics. However, most of the breeds like Black Mouth Cur and Stephen Cur are incredibly intelligent which makes their training simple and easygoing. Whereas, breeds like Catahoula Cur are independent and bold making it a bit challenging to train.

Facts about the Cur

  • A Cur is a group of nameless dog of lowest breeds.
  • It is a group of hybrid or mixed breed dogs.
  • Street/Stray dogs also belong to this group.

Health Issues of the Cur

Varying on the breed type, the Cur dogs suffer from their breed specific diseases. However, they do have some similar diseases which are as follows:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is known as the hereditary condition caused by the malformation of the hip joints of the dog.


It is the condition of having a cloudy appearance on the eye lens causing a disturbance in the vision of the dog.


Obesity is the state of getting grossly fat or overweight.

Breeds that belong to the Cur group

A Cur is a group of any hybrid or mixed breed of dogs. Which means that any type of mixed breeds easily belong to this group. With that being said, here are a few names of breeds that belong to the Cur group:

  • Black Mouth Cur
  • Stephen Cur
  • Treeing Tennessee Brindle
  • Blue Lacy
  • Catahoula Cur Dog
  • Mountain Cur
  • Leopard Cur
  • Kemmer Cur
  • Canadian Cur
A cur posing. Image Source: Instagram@simmyde13

Size & Puppy price

Size and price of the puppy of the Cur dogs are also variable according to the specificity of the breed.

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