People love olives in their salad, martini, pizzas, and almost anything. There is always a jar of olives in almost everyone’s house. And if you own a dog, you might wonder if you could feed some piece of olives to your dog or not.

Olive is good for human but is it good for your loving pooch too? Not all human food is good for your dog and not all are bad.

Luckily, olive is not toxic for your dog and is safe to feed them in a small quantity. Some piece now and then won’t harm the health of your favorite dog.

Well, you know that your dog can eat olives but in this article, I am going to cover up the amount, benefits, and effects of feeding olives to your dog.

What Types of Olives are Suitable for your Dog?

There are two types of olives: green and black olives. Although, they are only different from each other as the green one is harvested earlier than the black one. They both are from the same plants and have the same nutritional content. However, green olives contain a little higher sodium level than the black olives.

Both green and black olives are safe to eat for your dog. They are not toxic and is healthy as long as it is provided in the right amount and not too much.

Black and Green olives
Black and Green olives.
Image Source: Paw Castle

How to Feed Olives to your Dog?

Feed your dog olives as snacks but in a moderate amount. Two, three-piece of olives as snacks won’t harm your dog. However, you should always consider how to feed olives, as a seasoning, coated olives with some ingredients can be harmful to your pet dog. Always feed uncoated, unsalted olives to your dog.

Only feed your dog with fresh olives and not the one that is coated with garlic, salt, and other seasonings. It might cause some additional risk in the health of your dog.

Remove the pit from the olive before feeding your dog. The pit might block the airways, crack the teeth of your pup. So, remove the pit from the olive beforehand to avoid chocking.

Chihuahua ready to eat pizza ful of olives
Chihuahua ready to eat pizza full of olives.
Image Source: American Kennel Club

How Many Olives can your Dog Have?

When it comes to feeding your dog human food, it is important to feed them in a little amount. So, the same goes for the olives. While introducing your dog olives for the first time, give a tiny part and wait for the reaction. Some dogs might be allergic to olives which you should look for any abnormal reaction after feeding.

If they are okay with olives then also do not make a habit of feeding them regularly. You should only feed them a few pieces of plain olives and not a bowl. Olives are rich in sodium and too much intake is not good for the health of your dog.

Benefits and Effects of Olives to your Dog

Olives have nutritional benefits to your dog if fed in the right amount. It is rich in nutrition that is healthy for teeth, bone, and also it helps to fight dogs with various forms of cancer. It also provide vitamins like A, K, and E. Olives oil is good for your dog’s coat, skin but dog’s do not need to consume olive oil. Although moderate amount once in a while won’t hurt.

Olives benefits for your dog.

However, it also has some bad effects on the health of your dog if fed in a huge quantity. Sodium is great for normal functioning of your dog’s body just like a human. Too much sodium is bad and has some consequences. Too much intake of sodium leads to dehydration, thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, seizure.


Well, you know now that your dog can eat olives but in a moderate amount. Do not give them a handful of olives and always check for allergies as some dogs can be allergic to certain foods. Contact your vet if there questioning behavior in your dog after eating olives.

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