Golden Retriever is a large-sized gun dog that is originated in the United Kingdom. They were given the name retriever due to their ability to retrieve shot game.

It is the third most popular dog breeds in the American Kennel Club registered breeds. They make an excellent family companion due to their friendly and gentle nature.

Golden Retriever has a very good-looking and handsome appearance with a muscular and strong body. It is the finest family dog among all the dog in the whole world. It is a kind, gentle, breed that is suitable for a loving family in a house with a yard.

Temperament of the Golden Retriever

The temperament of the Golden Retriever is very sweet, calm, and friendly. They are very eager to please their people which make training them easy. It is known for its gentle and loving disposition and this will continue if it is raised in a good environment.

However, if the Golden Retriever gets in a cruel hand and bad environment, it will be fearful and aggressive which is not its natural temperament. So it is necessary to consider in what type of environment and surrounding you are going to raise them.

Golden Retriever needs lots of attention and love from its people. They thrive on the affection and attention that is provided by their family. If they are not given proper love and care, they will become depressed and destructive. They are a playful and happy dog, so do not let them be depressed and provide them with all the attention they seek.

This is why they are called Retriever!

Personality of the Golden Retriever

The personality of the Golden Retriever is smart, loyal, and highly active. They are a very reliable and loyal dog that can be trusted with everything. They are very sweet, loving, and playful. Sue to its intelligent and smartness, it is not difficult to train.

Establish a consistent and firm leadership upon your Retriever. Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises. Never be harsh on them as this might scare them and they can be defensive. Once they master the basic training, enroll them in agility.

Golden Retriever playing with a toy
Golden Retriever playing with a toy.
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Is Golden Retriever Child-Friendly?

Golden Retriever adores and loves children which makes them a great play partner. They tend to enjoy the company of kids and enjoy seeing them happy. They are a very tolerant dog that does not show aggression towards children if they are harsh on them.

Although supervision is necessary so your kids do not hurt your dog. Always teach your children to behave around dogs and handle them gently.

A boy and Golden Retriever puppy relaxing
A boy and Golden Retriever puppy relaxing.
Image Source: Instagram-@ phoebes_plays

What Makes Golden Retriever Aggressive?

Golden Retriever is not at all an aggressive dog. In fact, they are very sweet, lovable dogs even with strangers and other pets. They will bark if they see anything unusual to warn their owner but are not likely to bite Ther aggression can only be seen if they are raised in a bad and harsh environment.

How Does Golden Retriever Behave Around Strangers?

Golden Retriever is very friendly with strangers and gets along with them well. At first, they can be a little shy but with proper introduction, they can make a new friend and even show them where the treats are. Early socialization is necessary to get them over fro their shyness.

Celebrity Who Owns Golden Retriever

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas walking his Golden Retriever Elvis
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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan with his two Golden Retriever Jones and JJ.
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