Every dog goes through a number of different stages before being an adult. And the English Foxhound in its development stages is something you don’t want to miss.

You should keep a close eye to your puppy’s behavior during its growth to know whether your puppy is growing healthy or not. You definitely are excited for your new puppy, aren’t you? Here are some information about the development stages that your English Foxhound passes through.

Newborn Stage

You can notice that your English Foxhound spends almost every moment sleeping just hours and days after they are born. This period is fully development stage.

The puppies rely on their mother’s milk and their siblings to maintain their body temperature. They are born completely blind and deaf. However, they can sense their mother and siblings.

Neonatal Stage (Birth to 2 weeks old)

During the neonatal period until two weeks, the English Foxhound puppies are fully dependent on their mother. They will be able to taste and move around by crawling on their bellies and the front legs.

Cute little English Foxhound puppies playing with a stick. Picture Source: Slate

The eyes of the puppies starts opening by the time they reach 10 to 14 days old. However, they won’t be able to see clearly in the beginning. The eyes will gradually open wider as days pass by.

Transitional Stage(2 to 4 weeks old)

During transitional stage, the eyes open wider than before and the opening of the ears begin. Significant changes and neurological development occurs through this stage. All senses start working and the puppies start walking and playing with each other.

Socialization Stage(4 to 12 weeks old)

During socialization stage stage, the puppy starts to form social relationships with other dogs and people. The puppy starts socializing with the environment and becomes completely familiar with it.

A cute little English Foxhound puppy barking.

Though, socialization is an on-going process throughout the dog’s life, this stage is considered critical because it is the time when initiating social relationships is very effective.

Juvenile Stage (3 to 6 months old)

The Juvenile Stage, also known as the “Elementary School Age” is the pre-adolescent age which brings a gradual increase in the confidence of the little English Foxhounds.

An English Foxhound puppy of six months. Image Source: Instagram@noddy_benny

During this period, you’ll notice the following changes in your pups:

  • Your English Foxhound puppies will start chewing and mouthing as teeth development is completed during this period.
  • They’ll start challenging you for the authority of the leader.
  • They’ll develop the alpha dog personality.

Adolescent Stage(6 months to 1 year old)

During this phase, adolescence of your English Foxhound begins as the puppy reaches its puberty stage where they become sexually and emotionally mature.

Development of the brain is completed fully and learning capacity is developed as of an adult English Foxhound. This is the perfect time for sending them to obedience classes and switching to solid food items.

Lastly, raising a mannerly dog is all about how you treat them. Be gentle and kind towards your puppies and train them on a daily basis with positive reinforcement to see some great changes.

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