The English Setter is a medium-sized dog breed with good looks and sweet temperament. They are solid dogs with beauty and charm.

The English Setter got its name because of its practice of setting the birds so that the hunter would be able to throw a net over them. This dog was bred for hunting but today it is well considered as a family companion.

When To Start The Training Of English Setter?

As like other breeds your English Setter also requires early training and socialization. You should start training your English Setter the moment you brought them home.

Where To Start Training Your English Setter?

Like all other breeds, the English Setter also starts its training since the day you adopt them. For the very first month, you can start training them at your home, as they are small in size at their puppy age and don’t require a very big yard or place for training.

As your English Setter starts growing and reaches the right age for formal training, you can take them to public places such as parks, gardens, playground and socialize them with people and other dogs.

How To Define Task To Your English Setter?

Defining task for your English setter is a very difficult part you will have to face while training them. To make it easy you can define them task with words, hands and body language.

English Setter Need To Be Socialize From Early Age
English Setter Training At Field Image Via The Pointing Dog Journal

You need to start with very simple commands, such as”sit”, “stand”, “roll-over” etc, and when they understand and follow your commands praise them with treats, so that they would be happy and will feel like they have done something good so they are getting treat.

Training Process

Training a sporing dog like English Setter would be difficult if you are a first time dog owner, they require someone who is familiar with this types of dogs, here are some training process which will help you to train English Setter are:

Positive Reinforce:

Positive Reinforce is the best technique and you can apply with all other breeds. Reward them with a treat and their favorite toys when they complete a certain task.

Avoid harsh Training

Unlike other sporting breeds, the English Setter is a soft and kind-hearted dog, so using harsh training is not a good idea for them. They are known to be very sensitive so even a harsh tone of voice can also shut them down.

Teach Them Puppy words

Teach your English Setter puppy words such as, “come”, “go”, “go lie down”, “don’t touch”, “drop it”, “stay” etc. You need to teach these words after they learned the two most essential words: “No” and ” Good”. These words should be started at the first two, three months of their age.

The most important thing is that you need to pronounce your words well and use the right tone of voice and the right body language or they won’t understand your words and will be confused.

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