English Springer Spaniel is a smart breed and quick learners, so it will not be hard to train these dogs. When it comes to training, you should have patience and firm leadership while training an English Springer Spaniel dog.

When it comes to training your pet, you might be confused about when and where to start the training session. Here are all the training methods along with the strategies and techniques to make the training easy and fun for your English Springer Spaniel.

When To Start The Training?

You should start training English Springer Spaniels when they are still a puppy, so they start growing up doing the right behaviors and listening to you. The formal training should start at the age of 8 weeks old since any earlier training is not good as it is too young for your Springer to learn anything.

Where To Start The Training?

The best place to train your English Springer Spaniel is your home. Since they are sensitive breeds, will thrive in their own environment. The more they are comfortable while training, the more they will enjoy and learn quickly.

training process of English Springer Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel dog with it’s trainer. Image Source: Instagram @michaelstuartdavis

When the English Springer Spaniel reaches the right age, you should send them to puppy school and obedience classes to make them Do not take the English Springer Spaniel puppies to the kindergarten classes to socialize them properly with both people and other animals.

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How To Define Tasks For Your Pet?

Defining the task for your furry friend can be the hardest part of the training. You should establish firm leadership with a polite and gentle voice. The English Springer Spaniel is very sensitive and will simply ignore your commands if treated harshly.

Trining process of English Springer Spaniel dog
English Springer Spaniel dog showing prey drive tricks. Image Source: spanielsinourlife.wordpress

The best way to make your English Springer Spaniel understand the cue is to keep it simple and easy. For example, teach them “sit” command first, until they don’t understand and masters it, you should not teach them other cues. Once you teach them another trick, keep repeating the first one so they don’t forget it.

The Training Process

There are some training processes that must be followed while training the English Springer Spaniel dog which are given below:

Alpha Dog Training

The theory suggests that English Springer Spaniel dogs see their family as their pack and follow the hierarchy like wolves. When the dogs see themselves as the alpha, they need to learn to instead respect their human as the alpha and submit.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Bad behavior to English Springer Spaniel dogs will not work in the training. If punishment is made, it comes in the form of removal of rewards like a toy or treats being taken away.

Positive reinforcement requires consistency and therefore, everyone in the house needs to use the same commands and reward system. Start with rewards every time your English springer Spaniel dog does the right thing. The positive reinforcement is always a savior while training any dog breed.

Scientific Training

The aim of the scientific training is to understand English Springer Spaniel dogs’ nature, their ability to be conditioned and the effectiveness of rewards and punishments. Before a bad behavior is corrected, everything about that behavior must be understood.

Scientific training depends on doing a good deal of research and staying updated on the latest studies. For that reason, it may be best for trainers. Establishing new methods based on research may not be appropriate for everyone.

Strategies And Techniques For Easy Training

It is difficult to train any dogs and English Springer Spaniel dogs are those dogs which should be trained with proper guidelines. Some of the techniques of training the dogs are as follows:

Don’t punish the dogs

When training your English Springer Spaniels dog, don’t get annoyed and opt to beat your pet or shout at it. This can even end up making your springer aggressive and rebellious that is not the type of dog that you want to have in a home.

You need to know that the English Springer Spaniels dogs do not even understand half of the things we rant when we are angry , it all sounds gibberish to them.

Training the English Springer Spaniel puppy.

Teach English Springer Spaniels the basic commands

Teach your English Springer Spaniel dog the most basic commands that you are likely to use every day. The command like “come”,” sit”,” stop”.

You should agree on the same set of commands that everyone around the house will be using . Don’t try to cause confusion to the English Springer Spaniel dogs.

Go slowly

Teach your English springer Spaniel a task at once and a long training session makes dog bored so try to make short training session.

In a nutshell, training your dogs should not be a frustrating activity. Make it a session of bonding which might help you a lot understanding your dog’s behavior.

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